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A Look Into Dirt Rock Empire

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

The LACS began their journey of blending their own unique style of music; a mixture of southern rock, country and rap a little over 10 years ago. This new and amazing twist reached the heart and souls of many and laid the foundation for a fanbase that consider themselves a big family, affectionately known as Dirtbagz.

What started as a small niche in South Georgia quickly spread like a wildfire across

the country, and even around the world. In 2017 the LACS created a record label, Dirt Rock that has expanded the genre, and given a stage to amazing artists that could not find a home in traditional music circles.

This is today’s version of Outlaw Country, and it is amazing! Dirt Rock currently consists of the LACS, Hard Target, Crucifix, Wess Nyle, Cymple Man and Nate Kenyon, each of whom has their own unique styles and talent that rivals household names. From mud parks to bars and everywhere in between, these smaller venues and the intimacy they create is what has allowed fans to become family. These shows bring a world of people of all ages together to share in a mutual love of music, laughter, and fun!.

One of the most amazing things about these artists is the generosity and genuine appreciation the artists show in return. These artists are not ones to come on

stage, play their sets and go get back to the bus, they put the fans center stage, they interact, they host events that allow them to meet and talk with the fans. The inclusiveness they show is infectious and has led to the most fervent and loyal fanbase found anywhere in music.

Each year, as the calendar turn to September, thousands of people from all over the country

prepare to descend on south Georgia for an epic event known as LAC Fest, a weekend of music, camping and riding, often in that Georgia red mud. This event is a thank you put on by the LACS to the fans for their love and loyalty. This event is special, and conjures excitement in adults equal to that of children at Christmas. Each year this family of Dirtbagz grows larger and we, as fans, find new friends we never would have known otherwise!

The LACS, not ones to ever sit still or rest built an empire on hard work, love, loyalty and

inclusiveness not seen anywhere else in music. These artists go live regularly, simply as a way to stay in touch with Dirtbagz everywhere and remind us that we mean just as much to them, if not more, than they mean to us. This band of brothers work hard, they support each other and other up and coming independent artists tirelessly through features on each other’s tracks, music videos and behind the scenes.

Where you see one, others are not far, count on it. If you are not familiar with these artists, we welcome you to come out and catch a show with us, we would love to meet you, share our stories, and expand our family.

See you soon,

The Dirt Rock Family

Wrote by -Dirtrock mama (Iris Tapia)

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