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Adam Calhoun - (The Making Of) Pressure

Adam Calhoun is up to his white boy shit, again. He’s been in the studio creating a new album for the fans. The album, titled Pressure, is set to be released on all platforms January 22, 2021. You can preorder it January 12th. This album's beats made by Scatteredbrains, one of Country Raps more well known beat makers. He is pretty well known for his work with Struggle Jennings and Jelly Roll.

Adam’s writing process is very interesting. He listens to the beats by Scatteredbrains one time. He picks the ones he wants and doesn’t listen again until he goes into the studio. When he enters the studio, he has no material to go on. Adam, then, writes all his songs to the beat on paper when he listens during his studio time. One song is wrote from scratch and recorded in one day. The end product is always awe inspiring and gives the fans something different than your usual country rap vibes.

Chicago is where all this studio magic is going down and where his favorite engineer is located. As Adam hits the studio with the same hat he's worn creating all his released albums, you can see his focus and determination to give his fans more. Adam isn't a fan of the process of creating his masterpieces, but there's no denying, he's got the talent it takes to succeed. This album is sure to be on everyone’s playlists.

-Kelsey Leigh

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