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Adam, Demun and Brodnax are a FORCE to be reckoned with

We all knew that these three men together on a track would be amazing, and it is exactly that. From the lyrics to the beat and the video.

Brodnax starts off by saying; "Let's put all our petty differences to the side baby. We gonna be unstoppable together dawg. Stick together we gonna be greater." Demun comes out the gate on fire, talking about how he has been killing it; Not only in just his career, but in life, and how he is able to live life comfortably. Demun has no need to flex cuz he given his blood, sweat, tears and devotion to his personal life and his career. Giving his all to his career, and life has made him one of the greatest in our genre. There were a few bars that stood out; "I've been planting seeds and managed to keep them wet. I fertilized the fruit with my blood and my sweat." He sure as hell wasn't lying when he says, "Setting fire to the stages. Packing out the venue. Everybody shows when it's Jones on the menu."

Adam has some incredible bars, and it was so hard to pick just a few, but the ones that stuck out to me were:

"Killers listen to me they keep the shit on repeat"

"No question I'm the best at what I'm doing right now"

"I was dead broke. Used to shop at the dollar store. Now I'm well known. Came a long ass way from sleeping on the floor, ya know"

These men share a friendship that screams "I got your 6," no questions asked. It's like Brodnax says in the last verse when he talks about Demun always being humble and then on the last bar of the hook Brodnax says, "We can't die wondering if we could have did it."

Go all in. Stay humble. Always keep in mind that your grind isn't how everyone else grinds. And in the words of Mr. John Brodnax, you can do whatever you wanna. You better believe it.

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Hannah Miller
Hannah Miller
09 lut 2022

This song is that one country rap song you hear, that's flat out unforgettable, from the first time you hear it! It's downright perfect, if you ask me!!!

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