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Apalachee Don "Mix it up like biscuits and gravy."

You can’t be a fan of country rap and not know the song Country Roads by Apalachee Don and The Marshall Brothers. It was the song that unexpectedly blew up on YouTube and boasts a total of 34 million views today. It’s an amazing song and reflects so much of who Apalachee Don is.

When asked about himself, Apalachee Don always starts with, “I’m from a small town called Monroe, Georgia. I was born here and I’ll probably die here. Most people want to get out of a small town but I don’t. This is my home.”

His small town charm is what sets Apalachee Don apart from so many. His songs are about country living in the truest form. The lyrics make it easy for so many fans to relate. Tie that in with the positive outlook he has and you get a song that just puts a smile on your face. Having a bad day? He’d tell ya to “mix it up like biscuits and gravy.”

His humble demeanor shows in his stage presence and it makes it easy for the crowd to enjoy themselves. Along with that, Don has an uncanny gift of gab on stage that reels you in almost as much as his music does.

The stories he tells in between songs makes you feel like your buddy came to hang out and play a little music. It’s a comfortable environment. His fans know that he will never run from them or hide out on a tour bus. Before and after sets, you will find him chatting up fans like long lost friends.

When he’s at home, though, you will find him cooking up a big kettle of Brunswick Stew or an awesome Georgia style BBQ. Most fans know his love of food and wouldn’t be surprised to know that he could see himself owning a down home BBQ joint.

In his spare time, he likes to dabble in vehicle upholstery and plays a little Call of Duty. Mainly, though, he enjoys spending time with his wife Amanda and their two children. He loves good food, good music and treasures his family time.

Speaking of family, his father is the reason Apalachee Don picked up a guitar. His father used to play with his friends when Don was a young child. He says it fascinated him to watch and inspired him to learn. By his late 20’s, he knew he wanted to make music his career.

It may be surprising to know that the first song that Apalachee Don ever recorded was a metal song called Trapped. He was in a band called Seven Day Theory when he was younger. They played a lot of heavy metal. You can still find some of their songs on his YouTube channel. He says he just loves good music, no matter the style.

Even today, you can find traces of other styles in his music, such as songs like Cat Daddy where he scats to jazz music or Bless My Soul that pulls from several southern gospel songs. He finds inspiration in other genres like Southern rock, older country and old school hip-hop.

Music, whether listening to it or performing it, is Apalachee Don’s life. 2020 slowed touring for him and his band. It also put a damper on recording videos. Out of the 30 shows they had scheduled, they were only able to perform at 5. That would get most people down but Don says that he and his band were just grateful to be able to play and interact with their fans when they were given the opportunity. That same optimism pours over in to 2021 where he says that good things are in the works. Fans can expect new music and videos from Apalachee Don soon.

Admittedly, Apalachee Don said that he preferred to collaborate on music instead of working alone.

If his newest single On A Backroad, which features a talented young man named Selby Todd, is any indication to what’s to come, fans will be in for a real treat.

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