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Calling All Artists! Opportunity Awaits!

Recently, I caught up with an artist known as TVM Killa. (You can check out that article here.) While we were on the phone, TVM told me about a really exciting tour presented by his home studio. We both believed it should be shared with others.

Starting in March, Can’t Be Touched Global, LLC. will be presenting "The First Quarter Pressure Tour". The tour will be hosted by the general, Bobby Dollaz, and spread across several events in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

This isn’t a typical tour though. It’s a talent search of sorts that can be very beneficial to any artist who performs. With the tour, CBT’s goal is to find the hottest artist in the nation and get them started on their way to conquering their dreams.

As if the exposure of performing wasn’t enough, the artists have a chance at winning some great prizes. These prizes include a diamond watch, a diamond chain, and a $1,000 cash advance. That isn’t all, however. CBT is also offering an EP deal, 3 radio interviews, a signing party, and a 5 city tour. That is a big deal for any artist.

If you are an artist and you are interested in hopping on this tour, you need to follow Bobby Dollaz, CBT Studios, DJ Young Will, and TVM Killa. After that, you can reach out to any of them to discuss the details, and find out how to get a slot on the tour.

This will definitely be an exciting adventure. Good luck to all the artists performing. We look forward to seeing who wins.

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Hannah Miller
Hannah Miller
08 de abr. de 2022

If only I could sign up!!! Too bad I can't! I do country rap for a hobby, you know, so that really sucks...

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