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Camo Kings Kustoms Graphix "No Money Up Front"

At one time, he lay there with a broken back, a broken neck, and with every tooth in his mouth broken. His doctors told him he'd never be able to walk again after being injured in combat. Somehow, he defied the odds, in ways that have both shocked and astounded his family and friends. 43-year-old veteran and father, Eli Wilson, started a small, run of the mill, custom cup and decal business. It has taken off thanks to Country Rap Arist, Big Murph, who saw Wilson's vison for Camo King Kustoms. A rags to riches story, Eli Wilson is now able to provide affordable, hydro-dipped, custom merchandise to Country Rap Artists and their fans. Wilson uses an innovative, one-of-a-kind, custom dipping process in a state of the art, sterile, manufacturing facility. He brings new and unique merchandising options to Country Rap Artists. He does so in a way that saves artists, and their fans, tons of cold, hard cash.

From custom cups to AR-15s, Wilson customizes it all. He does it in a way that not only brings custom merchandise to the public, it also brings American family values, steeped in a story of overcoming adversity as well.

Eli told me that Camo Kings Kustoms wasn't meant to be the design of Camo Kings, he said that Camo came from one of his dogs that had passed away due to K9 cancer. He said his name was King Camo and he was a full brindle pit bull. I thought this was a very sentimental piece of our conversation. It showed our team some things about how the owners and operators were "behind the scenes." You have to watch the video interview our Jounalist Kelsey Leigh had with Eli and find out the " No Money Upfront" and how to get paid selling your own merch!

A few days ago, I reached out to Eli at Camo Kings Kustoms and he told me about a brand-new adventure he was doing and said, "So we are starting something new. A way for any individual to make money from our website. All they got to do is put a decal on their car 12 inches by 12 inches. We send them a decal to put on their car with a special check out code. That code saves the buyer 5% on every order and every time that code is used the person with the decal on their car get 15% of profits." This is incredible and I hope for nothing but success for all that Camo Kings Kustoms does because it's done right.

Eli also wanted to extend his gratitude for a few gentleman, Jeff Edger of Epic Designs LLC and James Morgan who have been a huge part of helping and believing in the Camo Kings dream. Helping others succeed is the greatest thing to see and that's what Camo Kings Kustoms is all about.




Thanks for the shout out Eli! Blessed to be able to help out a fellow veteran.

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