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DJ Cannon Banyon, Franklin Embry & Dem Bourbon Boys

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

A homage to Jim, Jack, and Jose is an understatement when it comes to defining DJ Cannon Banyon's newest single, "Redneck Getaway". It features Franklin Embry. It's a song where each verse is highlighted by a perfunctory, base beat pattern. Not a single artist strays from the pocket.

There's no question that "Redneck Getaway" should be considered a hit, and probably will be, given enough time. The song combines a slow banjo introduction with an acoustic guitar overlay that makes a person dream of cruising the backroads in a Southern-themed square body, with Mickey Thompson shoes, and a good time in mind.

Average Joe's has a diverse line-up of Country Rap artists under its label, such as Sarah Ross and Bubba Sparxxx. With both artists having an overall view and streaming count in the upper millions, it's readily apparent that DJ Cannon Banyon's latest single will also be a contribution to those views and streams soon. This is clearly a song that will make you want to grab a fifth and drink the day away. While you're at it, you'll feel just fine getting swampy in them Everglades.

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