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Charlie Farley's ' Old Souls'

Charlie Farley hit the nail on the head with “Old Souls”. With all the city lights and loud

sounds, he brings you back to the country where his roots are planted. He is a true example that even “young folks” can still have “Old Souls”. Charlie takes you to his neck of the woods where he shows you an everyday “country boy” life. From the dust on the tractor to the boots on the front porch is definitely one thing you will see in the country. Even though life is changing and getting crazier day by day, some people will always remain the same.

What is a “country boy”? He breaks it down to the deer hanging on the wall, working on

the ranch feeding cattle, to watching NASCAR and putting the Lord before anything. Charlie

definitely took me back to Oklahoma with my grandpa as a little girl.

Like Charlie, I remember grandpa getting up early every morning to feed the horses and cattle. He would be outside working on the ranch from daylight to dawn, as he entered the front porch his work boots were placed outside by the front door and his cowboy hat was laid on the kitchen table. He spoke really soft but always got his point across. Like me, I have a good feeling a lot of people will have a close connection with the lyrics as well. Country, It's not just a way of living it's a way of life.

-Brittney Smith

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