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Chop an Axe

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

ShelbyKay and Sarah Ross came out swinging and not with a ball bat! They brought an axe to the “grown woman’s table”.

The two country rappers are cutting down the competition with their new song “Chop An Axe”. I hinted about the duo collaborating in a recent article “Sound the Alarm”. Now that it is here, with visuals included, it’s about to shake the genre up.

The video shows the two rappers in the wood with a professional-looking man in a beige suit as a hostage. The girls don their axe and take what’s rightfully theirs.

In the song, both girls are adamant that nothing was given to them when it came to this music business. They had to work their way up the musical food chain the honest way. Their past music speaks for how good they both are but this banger sets the bar for others.

The hook hits hard with a, “We riding taller. (So Tall) You settin’ smaller. (You Small) We ain’t the ones you gonna bring home to momma. Chop an axe. Chop an axe. Watch me drop it real low and bring it back.” But, the lyrics are really what gets you.

ShelbyKay comes out the gate with, “Yo, wanna know how I came up? Savage bell bottom, out the mud, I was raised one. Been on the hustle since day one.”

Sarah follows in her verse with, “Cause we what they wanna be, So this how it’s gonna be. Just watch how we run this, we makin’ moves.”

The song speaks volumes. The two artists are taking a claim to everything they worked for. With axe in hand, they aren’t taking any prisoners. No one will stand in their way, including the businessman in the suit.

If you haven’t checked it out, you better. The song is streaming everywhere and about to hit playlists on repeat. It’s the new anthem for every woman working toward a dream. Either get behind the movement or they’ll “Chop an Axe”.

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