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Country Rappers Revelation Leads to....

It's all over Facebook. Camo Kin is selling tee shirts for $13.00 and giving 100% proceeds to St. Judes Children hospital.

I was able to get in touch with Camo Kin to ask him why he was doing such a wonderful thing and this is what he told me. A few weeks ago, Camo Kin began to cough up blood and it freaked him out to the core. It lasted more than one day so he ended up googling it. Of course, we are all going to die after we look up our symptoms on Google. In the days leading up to him understanding everything was fine, he gave everything he had inside of him to God.

Camo is such a deep thinker that after some soul searching, and really heavy thinking, he realized that there are children out there who have no idea when or why they might die. He was truly saddened about his realization and wanted to make an impact. Whether the impact was big or small, the idea for selling shirts and giving 100% profits to St. Judes was where his heart told him to go. If you are interested in buying a shirt to help support Camo’s cause, you can go here to purchase one. With the help of supporters, this can truly help the life of a child. Thank you Camo Kin for taking the struggle you had and making a positive step in changing the lives of God's children.

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