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Cypress Springs "How I Roll"

Cypress Spring released a banging new single this week. The song, “How I Roll” goes hard.

The hook says it best, “Speakers knocking Hank Williams, I been drinking Evans though. Sexy girls everywhere, I feel like I’m in a video. Hit the bar, entourage roll up everywhere I go. Drunk, redneck rockstar, man that’s just how I roll.”

They definitely were in the video. The music video is more of a traditional hip hop style video. Everyone is dancing and partying against a white background. It’s a real good, feel good, party vibe. They had some banging choreography to match the song. At the end, you see the duo watching the music video with the video producer. He asks them what they think and they snub the video. It was a comical twist to the song.

Watch the video now. It’ll be on your playlist before the song ends.

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