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Charlie Farley says it's the "Fire that made me"

Updated: May 2, 2021

There are many artists in Country Rap that not only outdo themselves with every new song and video they release, they also give us a deeper look into who they are.

Charlie Farley and Cody Davis did that in their new song, "Fire that made me."

This song talks about how the ups and downs of life have made them the men they are today.

Cody starts off the song by singing,

" If these woods could talk,

these cabin walls

Things we done

when we were young,

surprised they didn't kill us all.

Tailgates dropped;

tops are popped.

Moon is shining,

Ol' boys fighting over

who's gonna take her home.

If you could only see the

memories that made me."

Charlie takes the mic and talks about finding out his cousin had shot himself. He takes a sip of beer then pours some out for him knowing that's what he would have wanted him to do. We all have those moments or those memories, that have molded us into who we are and how we ended up where we are today. It certainly is relatable and has that catchiness and beat that makes it a song you can listen to multiple times, and not get sick of it.

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