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Getting to Know DJ OG

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Brad Fetter, also known as DJ OG and getting to know who he is personally. OG was born and raised in Lima, Ohio where he graduated from Elida High School. Later, he had three beautiful children. He then took on a career, working with Ford Motor Company as a machine operator. He worked with Ford for 20 years before retiring.

At the age of 50, he decided to purchase his first set of turntables. Then he set out with Big Po to help rock the stage. Four years ago Brad met Big Po at a Yelawolf concert in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They have been inseparable ever since.

Big Po said, "OG has been a very instrumental part in my career, and if it wasn't for OG, I probably wouldn't be where I am today. OG is an asshole, though. He drives way too fast and he's tried to kill me about 12 times while driving to shows." Big PO went further, "OG was just a fan when he started. He has quite a few expensive guitars that are signed by various artists such as Shinedown that he loves to collect. OG is just a huge fan of music".

To back that statement, OG said, “I love doing this DJ OG Shit! I started at 50 and I have Dj’d for Who TF is Justin Time?, Big Murph, Big Po, Adam Calhoun, KMM, and some others”.

In 2019, OG had a stroke that shook the whole country rap industry. A Facebook prayer page was created where his fans, friends, and family were able to send thoughts and prayers to bring OG's spirits up. Big Po stayed by his side. The song, "Rebel Soul" was then created for OG.

Big Po stated, "We had just got off the road to two sold-out shows with the band Rehab, and it was not like OG to be late. I finally got a phone call that OG was in ICU and had a stroke. They weren't sure if he was going to make it or not."

OG pulled through it with a lot of work and dedication and family by his side, he was able to walk and even talk again. Although Brad Fetter has been through many hardships through the past years, he is still rocking the stage and hyping the crowd by Big Po's side!

Since retirement, Brad has been able to enjoy some of his favorite hobbies, gardening, and fishing. One of Brad's favorite fishing spots is Lake Erie, where he spends every chance he gets! OG doesn't use store-bought lures. He creatively designs his own lures for catching Walleye and Perch. These are just some of the things that he enjoys doing.

DJ OG has stolen the hearts of everyone in country rap. " I never thought I would have such a huge, supporting fan base that would help me get through the day," he said.

The love and support, within his fan base, has led Brad to be one of the oldest DJs in the Country Rap genre. When I asked OG what made him choose the Country Rap genre over others, his response was "The music and people.”

If you ever see OG, he is never without a smile on his face. Always cracking a joke and, without a doubt, knows how to have a good time! DJ OG is an inspiration to others. He is walking proof that you can achieve anything and everything as long as you set your mind to it, no matter the age!!!! #Pofolks4life

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