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Happy Birthday, Big Po

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

It is Feb 6th, and that means, it's Big Po's birthday! That normally means a birthday concert is in order. Extreme Muddin' offered up their venue, and boom, the concert was ready to go.

Big Po's "Pofolk's" had the ability to RSVP to a private birthday concert for the rapper. Artists like Kentucky Music Mafia and JJ Hughes went public to say they would be rocking the stage for the event. Other surprise artists are set to perform. We won't know who they are until tonight, but we are sure that it will be a party worth attending.

Big Po has been busy working on his upcoming album, "Catfish". It will be a nice night to take a break from the recording and perform a little.

If you're excited to hear the upcoming album, you won't have to wait too much longer for a glimpse. Pofolks can go now to pre-order the upcoming single, "Time", from the album. It is set to be released February 12th.

Happy birthday, Big Po, from all of us at Country Rap News. Have a rocking good time.

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