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He's the Game Changer

J Rosevelt has to be one of the Country Raps game-changers, that most haven't even heard of. This man has been in the industry since 2011 when he started taking his music career seriously and became signed to Average Joes entertainment. Rosevelt is now completely independent and has gained some incredible knowledge through his journey.

Rosevelt wasn't the kind of kid that wanted to be in school. His passion wasn't in textbooks. Like most artists, whose hearts know at a young age that they are a different breed, he kept that flame lit even through hard times in life.

North Carolina is where Justin works with his family, he's the exact definition of a gravedigger. This is also where he creates his music, is a husband and is apart of a group of men called Carolina Cup Boyz. If you haven't had the pleasure of finding J Rosevelt before now, you are in for some dirt road, road soda speakers on blast music. The album "Creepin on a Sunset" will blow you away. He's had collaborations with Bubba Sparxxx, Young Gunner, Charlie Farley, and back in the day he had a big collab with Colt Ford called "Swampy", Ya'll know that song for sure and yes that's this guy!

Rosevelt may not have a huge online presence, but his album drops are all bangin'. His online presence is about to be on a whole new level this year with Ceaser Beavers managing his social media. We all can see a huge difference in online presence when Ceaser starts to manage them! Go follow, like, engage and tell J Rosevelt how you love his music!

I personally stumbled upon J Rosevelt a year or so ago and we have become fond of each other's hustle. In our interview, he says that he will be thanking me for the rest of his career and I was speechless. He knows that that connection you make through music is strong and that's true for our friendship. I want to personally thank you in this article because I truly believe in you. Spreading your vibe needs no thanking.

I have so much more to clue you all in on when it comes to J Rosevelt, that I'm going to save for another piece. Have fun getting to know him and let us know what you think!

-Kelsey Leigh

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