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Johnny Cashville Releases New Music!

If you pay attention to Country Rap circles, you have probably seen or heard of the name Johnny Cashville. Johnny Cashville is a pretty well known social media content creator among country rap fans. However, most new supporters of the genre do not know, but, Cashville isn’t just a funny voice. He is an OG in the country rap scene. He has made music and been a promoter or manager for other musicians on and off for years.

In 2020, Johnny lost his brother, Zane Bridge, may he rest in peace. Naturally, the loss has been rough on him. Before his brother’s death, he and Johnny had worked on the hook of a song. In memory him, Cashville finished the song and released it to the public.

The song, “My Harley”, premiered on YouTube January 8th, 2021. It’s a banger of a song with a party vibe feel. The video features Johnny and his biker brothers taking over the streets of music row, popping wheelies and having a good time. Sons of Anarchy have nothing on this crew.

The upbeat song lyrics draws you in quickly. Johnny makes it known that he is doing it for the hard working folks trying to make a life for themselves. He says, “I do it for the slums, the outlaws, and the bad bitches. The bread winners, head splitters, country boys catfishin’. This is for the lifers, up all nighters. The people just like us.”

According to Johnny’s Instagram story, “My Harley” is the first song he has released in over 6 years. He thanked everyone for the support and sharing the new song. He went on to say that he would be putting out more music for for his supporters. After hearing the new song, fans are surely in for a treat in 2021.

Check out “My Harley” on all your favorite streaming platforms or catch Johnny spitting joke on YouTube and hit that subscribe button.

- Ashley Davis

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