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Katie Noel Remixes Doja Cat

March 18th, 2021, Katie Noel dropped a remix to “Streets,” that was originally sung by Doja Cat. “Streets,” is popular on TikTok right now with the Red Silhouette Challenge. In Katie’s remix she sings about a 6.7 Power stroke.

She also sings about picking up someone and how this someone makes her heart skip a beat. In this song, around the 49 and 50 second mark she sings, “ queen…” We all know that her queen is Autumn Brooke, who she is engaged to. This remix shows her love for trucks and her significant other.

In the remix she includes her part obviously. Then she keeps some parts from the original version. If you’re a Katie Noel fan, you would most likely want to see a longer version of this remix. Listening to this song over and over almost could give a listener a vibe of night-time cruising on a backroad. The tone of Katie’s part and the original part from Doja Cat gives this song almost a romantic sound. In both versions they are both obviously talking about someone they love.

On Katie Noel’s Instagram story, she said that she put the song on TikTok. By the sounds of it she wants to start a 6.7 Challenge and she tagged a few people that she challenged to this 6.7 Challenge. So, if you have a 6.7 go join the challenge that she's starting, and make this go viral for the truck lovers!

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