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Knuckles Remixes 'Small Town'

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Less than 48 hours after Adam Calhoun dropped the video for 'Small Town', there was a buzz going around social media about a #smalltownchallenge. Knuckles, as previously written about here, comes from Lawton, Oklahoma, a tiny town with some big-city problems. He heard the song and related to it because of his own small-town roots.

I asked Knuckles why he wrote this song and here's what he said, "As soon as I heard 'Small Town' off Adam’s new album, 'Pressure', I knew I wanted to remix it. It is the song that resonated with me; and the hardest off the whole album. I got the idea to release it as a challenge just to pay homage to what Adam has done for Country Rap as a genre. He has taken it to the top of the game and never forgotten his roots. I have nothing but respect for that. I have already had a couple of other guys say they will do a #smalltownchallenge video as well. I want to see what everyone has to say about where they are from and what made them who they are. Most of us in this genre have our own small-town stories and represent for the rural and small-town folks."

Here is Knuckles remix to Adam's 'Small Town'

Much Respect to both artists! Keep up with that grind and outworking so many in the game! Check out the challenge. If you have some bars in your own small town, let us hear them.

-Kelsey Leigh

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