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Meeting Camo Kin

Camo Kin, an artist promoted by our girl Jennifer Turner, recently released a banger of a song with Leroy Biggs called Disappointed. I had the opportunity to email some questions to Camo Kin and his responses were amazing enough to just share as is. Check out our Q&A session and get to know a new face. Camo Kin is in it to win it. Q. How long have you been writing and recording music? A. I've been writing music for a long time. I started writing poetry in 4th grade because I realized I was good at telling stories with rhymes. I remember in 5th grade, we had a writing assignment where we had to write a poem about the stars and space or something like that. I worked super hard on it and was really excited to see my teachers reaction when I turned it in. He ended up failing me because he said there was no way I could have written that. He insisted I plagiarized it. I'm still pretty proud of that, haha. I started actually recording my music professionally about two years ago.

Q. You just did a song with Leroy Biggs, Disappointed, how was working with him? Did you have something you wanted your supporters to get out of the song? Do you think they have? A. Working with Leroy was cool. I found out about him when he released his first album and some of the people I was following shared his stuff and I liked it. I was playing xbox with a few people and someone had invited him to the game, that's when we first started talking. After that, we decided to go ahead and put together that song. The main message for the song is not caring about what others think and just doing your own thing. I also took a dig at these other people who are still making garbage music about doing drugs and cheating on your girl/boyfriend, like it's cool or something. As far as the fans understanding the message, I'm sure most of them did, but music is so subjective. I'm sure a lot of them found a way to relate it to their own life. Q. If you could have one feature with anyone, who would it be with? A. I'm not really big into doing features unless I really like the artist, I kind of like to do my own thing. With that being said, I like pretty much everyone who's involved with the Redneck Nation crew. I'd be down to make a song with any of them. Q. Is there a future video we need to be on the lookout for? A. 2021 is going to be full of music and videos. I recently got my studio finished and have multiple songs in production right now. I'd say the middle of January is when the madness will start. Q. Goals for 2021? Personal and professional? A. My main goal for 2021 is to put out music that I like and that I think my fans will like. I used to be so obsessed with the numbers and growing that it took away from the fun. Next year I just want to focus on having fun and let the rest work itself out. As for personal goals, I'm going to be paying more attention to my physical and mental health and try to keep everything in line. I've been slacking lately. Q. Has anyone ever compared your writing style to Skitz Kraven? Psycho Redneck gives me a Skitz vibe and I love it. A. I've never been compared to him but I actually like his music, so I wouldn't mind. I definitely know what you mean!

Q. Try me is another great song, what was the motivation behind it? A. Try Me is the first song I released as Camo Kin. I had never really taken the music thing that serious in the past and I went through a really tough time and quit altogether. When I decided to come back to music, I wanted to start taking it more seriously, and becoming Camo Kin was my way of doing things the way I wanted to do them from now on. I had so much built up anger from past events and certain individuals that I needed to let it all out and Try Me was born. Q. In the song Anyway, your John Cena is probably my favorite bar, how do you come up with them? A. For me, I have the most fun writing songs with witty word play. Whatever i'm writing about, I think of someone or something well known and try to relate it to the message of the song, - Kelsey Leigh

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