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Moccasin Creek Releases Musical Medicine for the Soul

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Moccasin Creek’s own Brahma Bull has been releasing some really powerful songs that speak to the soul lately. These are the types of songs that give great insight into dealing with mental health issues.

January 22nd, “The Struggle” was released on YouTube with a very deep video. You can watch it here. It shows Brahma alone, staring into a broken mirror or out a window. A few times, it shows him with a whiskey bottle.

He starts the song by saying, “I've always been open about it, but man, if it just reaches one or two people, you know? And they understand that it's rough. We deal with it how we deal with it. I'm thinkin' 'bout all y'all that suffers with this bull shit.”

He goes in depth in the song about dealing with depression. He discusses juggling depression with a family life, the side effects of the medicine, and how others joke about it when they had never felt it.

Almost a month later, on Valentine’s Day, he released a new video to his song “Angel”. The video also stars his family, especially his niece as the Angel.

The song is another deep, thought provoking song. He discusses how locked down a person can feel while dealing with depression.

He says, “I paint with emotion, but my canvas is broke, so I light this shit on fire ‘n’ disappear in the smoke. Send me an Angel. Lemme borrow her wings. Send me an Angel. Break these shackles and chains.”

It can feel like we’re all alone when dealing with depression or anxiety. Moccasin Creek is trying to share his struggles so that others know they aren’t alone. His lyrics are like medicine for the soul.

If you haven’t watched either video, take the time to listen. If you know someone dealing with mental health issues, reach out and share the songs. It may save a life.

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