Mud crickets, Mudbugs what's the difference? Justin Champagne elaborates.

Justin Champagne has been bringing the heat with the songs and videos he has released recently. "Swervin" and "When I Pull Up" are two that can become addictive and added to an everyday playlist. About a month ago he released a different kind of song called "Drunk Alone" with Brittany Leblanc. A little more of a sultry song with some emotions we have all felt.

Mudbug is a jam that will most definitely be played at a Mud Park this summer. Justin says;

"She not worried about looking like a princess, ready to ride around.

Load it up and

she's ready for the weekend.

Time to throw it down.

Shes a mudbug, soft and sweet. Shes a hell raiser, shine drinkin SOB. She likes to get down,

covered in mud.

She likes them jacked up trucks,

so what.

Getting down like a mudbug."

- Kelsey Leigh

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