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Weekly Music Releases 5/1/21 - 5/20/21

Country Rap News is shaking a few things up along with dropping our app on Android and iOS platforms. We've decided to drop a weekly list of new music releases. All the great music in one article will make it easier for fans to discover.

There were some major music releases this week along with some killer collabs. FJ Outlaw and Jelly Roll came together with a soul touching song. It was an amazing collab that most supporters had been waiting for. Then, there were a few collaborations that we don't think anyone suspected. Upchurch and Sarah Ross dropped "No VIP," courtesy of Dj Cliffy D. Savannah Dexter held her own with Merkules and Rittz on "Better Myself". And lastly, Mesus and Burden put out a political banger, "Riot For Me".

With this being our first article like this, we are adding a few we missed throughout the month of May, as well. Check out the list and give them a listen.

FJ Outlaw and Jelly Roll- "Forgive Me"

If you can say you have only listened to this song once, you a damn lie. These two power houses complimented each other so well it made you want to hear more. If these two artists did an entire album the supporters would not be disappointed. The pure rawness of the lyrics and how relatable they are to both individuals was felt and not just heard. I actually was reading some of the YouTube comments and Jelly Roll's comment nailed it. He said, "

Seckond Chaynce- "Average Human Being"

This song is telling the world that no matter where you are in life, or what your social status is, we all are average human beings. Our final resting place is the same as that millionaire or that homeless man on 4th Ave.

Seckond Chaynce says, "Tryna stay away from the whiskey but it's calling me. But I need some kinda tranquilizer just to fall asleep. Feel like praying but I don't know if I at all believe If you relate to this then know I'm just like y'all, you see. I've got skeletons in my closet. And I've got sins that no one sees. I've got problems just like you do.

I'm an average human being.

No, I can't fly or walk on water

My shit don't smell like Burberry

I've got issues just like you do I'm an average human being (average human being)"

Upchurch and Sarah Ross- No VIP

Now this was an unexpected but EPIC collaboration. Ryan has a way with female vocalists and making the energy fun. It always sounds like its meant to be. The banger, "No VIP," is self-explanatory by title, but the lyrics pack a punch. Ryan said if you watch Cliffy D's playlist, it will get you pregnant. There are crazy bars coming from Ryan. He say's, "Going in through the kitchen. I ain't whipping up shit.

I don't sell dope; I just look dope bitch. I like my beat down low, my top laid back. Got me bangin in the club like I'm 10% black.

Merkules, Savannah Dexter and Rittz - "Better Myself"

This collaboration came out amazing. All three wrote lyrics that have deep meaning. Merkules said,

"Yeah, I got a plan to make a lotta changes. But it's harder to breathe when your heart is racing.

I been caught up in constant contemplation

It's just not a phase, it's too complicated

Can't concentrate when the cuts get deeper

If I were you, I wouldn't love me either."

Savannah came in next with,

"Think I'm addicted to bad news. Everyone I love ends up being stab wounds Maybe they did what they had to

I'm better off alone or give me liquor and tattoos

I'm faded I feel like nothing takes the stress away

This bible's promising me better days

I gave it my trust and I done let it stray."

If there has ever been anything more relatable from Savannah, I'd debate it after this song. Rittz came in on the end with, "Yo yeah, look I thought I quit doing dope for good. Been smoking cones of wood 'cause I cut the monster. Really wishing I was drunk. I've become accustomed to the sober life overnight. Took a year and nine months to flush it like I don't mean shit,. Every time the phone ring, get told to shut the fuck up and cussed at By the one I love. But she don't want no contact. The sheriff gonna come and lock me up. For just that, justice." Too many of us can relate to the words Rittz is talking about. Congratulations to those who have beat an addiction. You are amazing.

Burden and Mesus - "Riot For Me"

Burden and Mesus put out a politically based song that discusses the idea that no one would riot for them if they faced police brutality. They discuss that there might be a bigger narrative trying to divide the people in the media.

"When ya goinna realize they're just tryin' to divide us. Red, White and Blue are the colors that unite us." Mesus says in his verse.

Cokaa and Big Po - "Bottom of the Map"

Cokaa and Po was brought together by the up-and-coming music production company, "Cash Crop Music," for a banger of a song. The premise of the song is about being from the deep south along with the hard work and hustle found in those working their way to the top.

Seth Anthony - "Cash and Coe"

Seth Anthony went back to the roots of outlaw music for this one. "Cash and Coe" is the anthem for every kid raised on that outlaw music, and has a little of that black sheep spirit.

"I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die, and my soul that burns, burns like a ring of fire. I've seen the Grand Ol' Opry and I met Johnny Cash and if that ain't country, well brother I'll kiss your ass. It's that Cash and Coe. There's outlaw in my soul. It's that Cash and Coe. Bubba, I love Rock 'N Roll. It's that Cash and Coe. Black Sheep with a heart of gold. It's that Cash and Coe." - Seth Anthony

Brodnax - "OriGinal"

Looks like the boogie man is back with the mask and slapping on some Louisiana seasoning in the process. Your favorite rapper's, favorite rapper came in with another banger and some original wisdom.

"Live a life worth dying for, see now, that's the cost of living."

Leroy Biggs - "Out the Window"

Leroy Biggs came with a chilled out smoking song. It's bound to make it's rounds at every hang out this summer.

"Smoke rollin' out the window. Blunt blowin'. Burning sticky in the back woods. Smoke rollin' out the window. Tennessee Shit, passing chronic to my kinfolk."

Big Murph - "Dancing with the Devil"

Big Murph's latest album "Genre?" really showed his versatility. This song is no different. It is predominantly a rock song. Murph even pulls out the guitar and shows his skills with it. It's a killer song for those of us who enjoy music with multiple styles.

Knuckles and Reddirt Rickert- "Bringin' Home the Bacon"

Knuckles and Reddirt Rickert hit the kitchen and cooked up a fun song and music video.

Moccasin Creek - "Welcome 2 the Country"

Brahma Bull is talking his shit again, with that country boy twang. The thing is, you know when he talks it, he means it when he says, "John Wayne with a gun on my hip. Keep talking. Run ya mouth and get punched in the lip."

Bottleneck released a new album this month called "Where Have The Rebels Gone?" From the album, he released three singles. "On My Own", "Still Ridin'," and "Good Ole' Boys".

The whole album worth listening to, but these videos just add the icing on the cake.

Big Po also dropped another video this month called "Catfish". The videos dropped before his album release.

The title song "Catfish" featured TJ Freeq and Shamu the Panda. You know it's country when they can relate country hustle to catfish. "Friends In Low Places" puts the rest of that "country feel" to it with backwoods get-togethers in those low places.

Big Chuk - "C.O.E. (Country on Everything)"

Our final song this month, is by Big Chuk. He just wants to know what is making people act like they're country. The song speaks best for its self.

”Is it the style or the way we roll? Or is it the way them trucks set on 44s? The way we talk or your style of clothes that make them boys wanna follow the road? Or is it in the name or the way we sing? The way them tires cover up both lanes? The food we eat or the shine we drink? I swear, them boys putting country on everything.

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