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Music Releases for 5/28/2021 to 6/3/2021

The past week has seen an uptick in new music. The female artists of Country Rap keep raising the bar while the men threw down some bangers. Which one is your favorite?

Katie Noel - "Tailgate Queen"

Katie Noel hasn't gone anywhere. She is steady dropping new songs and her fans haven't let her down. (Kelsey)

Chucky Workclothes - "Goals"

Chucky is setting the goals for himself high and blasting through them. Anybody listening can use this for motivation. Set those goals and put in the work. (Ashley)

Colt Ford - "When Country Comes Back"

Colt Ford sings of coming together again after the 2020 shut down of the world. This is his tribute to the opening of the world again! (Kelsey)

Rich Regal - "Tatted Remix" ft. Rikk Reighn, Wise, and MoneyFace Boogie

Rich Regal is at it again with another remix. "Tatted" is a song for those who love getting inked and showing it off. The vibe makes you wanna dance and show them off! (Kelsey)

Dusty Leigh ft. FJ Outlaw, Young Gunner, and Brandon Hart - "Blame it on the South"

What a collaboration. FJ Outlaw came with it and did what he does. The vibe of this song was more intense. Great Job to all four men! I love seeing songs like this! (Kelsey)

Big Buzz and The Lacs - "Country Fried"

Big Buzz and the Lacs threw down a banger this week. Who ain't been country fried? It's definitely going on my bonfire playlist for the summer. (Ashley)

Anthony Beastmode - "Rebel Remix"

Anthony Beastmode dropped a video showing who he is as a man. This remix hit hard and the video shows how he's a self-made man. (Kelsey)

Shelbykay ft. Camo Brian - "Moosie Green"

Shelbykay and Camo Brian showed their love in Moosie Green. The collaboration was one that ha had been anticipated. (Kelsey)

Justin shows his voice off in this song. Out of all the songs dropped this week, this one is my favorite. (Kelsey)

Moccasin Creek - "Change"

Moccasin Creek's Jeff McCool is laying down some wisdom. You can't always chase the dollar, sometimes you got to make some change. This is just one I vibe to. (Ashley)

The Stixxx - "No Cap"

This song was so anticipated and they didn't disappoint! They got there point across and Syni Stix voice is one you can listen to everyday! (Kelsey)

DC ft. Hitman - "Been Bout It"

DC Cook and Hitman done been 'bout it. This song collab is fun and that hook is catchy. "Grandma, how you doin'?" There is more to look out for from DC Cook soon! (Ashley)

Savannah Dexter - "Country Girl"

Savannah Dexter got country girl summer poppin' off with this one and fans are loving it. (Ashley)

Matt Townz - "Crickets"

Matt Townz talks about his past and how he's changed. He came out stronger and is working to achieve his dreams. This one has motivation for anyone who ever said you couldn't do something. Listen to those cricket's chirp when you prove them wrong. (Ashley)

OverTime - "Never Really Know" (The Lost Verses)

Life can be full of "what ifs." This song speaks about all those "what ifs" and how you'd never really know what life would be unless you get up and try. (Ashley)

Nu Breed and Jesse Howard - "Don't Tread on Me"

Nu Breed and Jesse Howard take a stand in this banger. Country folk refuse to be walked on and OutLaw Nation is sending out a message. "Don't Tread on us!" (Ashley)

Note from CRN Staff:

We are a small group of individuals trying to keep up with an ever-growing genre. If we accidentally missed a release, please message us on here on Facebook, and we will add it next week. If you are an artist with an upcoming release, feel free to send us a heads-up message as well.

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