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Music Releases for 6/4-6/10 2021

Camo Brian - "Already Famous"

Camo Brian has been making a splash in the Country Rap genre recently. Shelbykay and Camo just dropped a video for " Mossie Green" last week. Not only is this man good in the booth, he is up in the kitchen mixing his spices (rubs) and throwing down on the grill. He undeniably is a whole vibe! I can't wait to see more videos like this one.

Camo is may be sultry in this video but he also speaks of a woman like all women should be spoken about. He says, "Baby you're a star. Don't you ever change up. I know who you are. You're already famous." He talks about looking sexy in a messy bun, with sweatpants and UGGs on.

Wade B - Proud to Be

Wade B isn't your average artist and he has been around for some years now. He was raised playing in the woods for hours on end which, back then, was normal. In this song he talks about being proud of who he is. He is proud to be from the backwoods where he played in the creek and the mud, and learned how to shoot those guns. Family is everything to him. They seem to be very supportive of his dreams. Wade B should be proud. He has made a great name for himself and has done right by the morals and values that were instilled in him at a young age.

Brodnax- Filthy Animal

Bars on bars. Brodnax is your favorite rapper's favorite rapper. In the song he says " I'm trying to make a name for myself. You can keep the fame and the chain filthy animal."

Humble doesn't even come close to how I view John Brodnax. His unique sound goes hard. This man could rap about taking a shit and make it sound killer. Brodnax has been dropping video after video this entire year. Adam Harper has played a huge part of bringing those lyrics to life through the lens he is holding. 2021 looks like a massive progressive year for both men.

Twang and Round - The Journey

"I've been reaching for the top from the bottom for way too long." One of the first bars in the song says it all. Those of us who have sinned or been at rock bottom, and those of us that have been at the top and watched it all fade away relate to this song and we have lived it. The title, the video, and the lyrics match up so well. The vision they wanted was executed to perfection. I can't wait to see what the rest of 2021 has in store for these guys! "My Will Be Done" is another song that was released at the end of April that gets you right in your feels.

Shotgun Shane - Ride for Me

Shotgun Shane has put out some tracks in the past few months of 2021. This song is about Shane's view on the industry and the people who said they wouldn't turn their backs on him for money and a little bit of fame. There are many values and morals that are taught, but not everyone is taught the same way. Being able to see your own faults and make changes in yourself takes some real self-reflection.

"Damn what's wrong with me? What's going on with me? All this anxiety and it keep on trying me, and people they lie to me. They say they gonna die for me and claim they gonna ride for me."

Nu Breed and Jesse Howard - Troubled Soul

This duo is outworking a lot of others in the game right now and getting those numbers to rise. These two are not your average artists. They have endless motivation and have perfected their sound together. I love how they incorporated the guitar solo. Watch out for these men in the near future!

Young Gunner and J Rosevelt just dropped a summer banger. These two had been planning this video and hyping up the fan base for days! When it dropped, the live chat was lit. The supporters were over the moon. You have to take a few minutes and listen to this one. I'm not giving away anything!

Which music release did you enjoy this week? Let us know on Facebook.

Note from Country Rap News Staff: we are a very small group following and ever-growing genre. If we accidentally missed a release, please message us here on Facebook here and we will add it to next week's releases. If you are an artist and want to give us a heads-up about an upcoming release, please shoot us a message too. Thank you.

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