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Slum Punk Rapper B.R.A.$.$. Shows His Edge and How He Stands Out From The Rest

With music forever evolving, Free Flow Entertainment has had the unique ability to watch new sub genres of hip hop evolve and flourish. It's always amazing how new sounds are formulated. Recently, Boomsoundfactory introduced FFE to a rapper named B.R.A.$.$. from a small town in North Carolina. B.R.A.$.$. is bringing in a new sound all his own. He dons himself the father of what he calls Slum Punk, an interesting mix of punk rock and hip-hop.

B.R.A.$.$., now 25 years old, says he started writing lyrics in 8th grade. He still has the first rap he ever wrote jotted down on a piece of paper. At that time, B.R.A.$.$. discovered Tupac. It inspired him to put his feelings to words. Writing lyrics was a way for him to cope with things going on around him and the emotions that came with it. School was hard, gang activity in the area ramped up, and his father was getting ready to do a tour in Iraq. Throughout school he would get into trouble however he remained on the honor roll. While needing an outlet, his lyrics and sports grounded him. It wasn't until he was 18 that he experienced his first taste of the real music business and being in the studio. He met LT, an artist consultant and radio host on LR 98 The Real Underground Radio. B.R.A.$.$. wanted to shout out LT, and his company 8AM Exposure, for showing him the ropes. After that, he fell in love with the whole process. He had his hands in multiple positions behind the scenes as well as rapping. He's designed merch, helped coach other artists, managed, and promoted. He has worked with names like Young Dolph, T.I., and P Diddy.

If that isn't impressive enough, he is the C.E.O of an independent label known as Nation N9ne Music. The label allows him and others to do what they love and produce their own unique sound. One thing B.R.A.$.$. was adamant about is how important it was for everyone to be unique, especially hip hop artists. The industry tends to pigeon hole artists into a certain sound, making everyone sound the same. In high school, his clique of friends was an eclectic mix of kids with different backgrounds. As a label owner and artist consultant, B.R.A.$.$., he keeps artists around him with different sounds, stories, and backgrounds, including his own. So what is B.R.A.$.$.'s unique sound, Slum Punk, all about? His songs include rap, alternative, and punk mixed together. He believes that others like XXXTentacion and Lil Peep have touched on elements of Slum Punk but he is pushing it full force. Another thing he said was if Kurt Kobain was a rapper, he would have been a Slum Punk artist. In fact, Nirvana is an inspiration for B.R.A.$.$. Before going to the studio, he listens to Nirvana, Tupac and Lil Wayne. It gets him in the slum punk mind frame.

He released his first mixtape, "Rapping In Colors", 4 months ago. It has over 113k streams currently. His fans enjoy his ability to change up his sound. His next album, a 4 song EP titled "Memnon's Baby", will be no different. Fans can expect the next album to take on a more serious note than his previous music. "Memnon's Baby" will drop February 22nd. You can expect next year to be all gas, no throttle for B.R.A.$.$. starting with the next album. He has plans to release a poetry book called "The Book of Rhymes'' that touches on social issues and other things close to his heart. He also plans to go on tour with S.O.x.N.Y. for a second time. If you aren't following him already, make sure you do

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