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"Smells Like Bad News" pays homage to "Grease"

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Who TF is Justin Time? and Austin Martin recently released, "Smells like Bad News" and it's amazing. The video is shot in a garage that Who TF is Justin Time? with his smooth-talking ways, was granted permission to use along with the Corvette that's seen in the video as well. The restaurant that they used was closed and they did the damn thing.

The vibes were good, the song was written and mixed well. These two men came together and rocked out! Paying homage to "Grease" these two came out stuntin' with the visuals to match the lyrics! Great job guys! Can't wait for the visual to "Whiskey Baby" to be released!

Redneck Rave tickets go on sale on February 1st! Don't miss out on the wild and crazy fun! Mud covered, shine drinking, 4 Wheeling and love!

-Kelsey Leigh

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