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"Troubadour of Troubled Souls" Struggle announces new album.

In the past two weeks, Struggle Jennings has released two singles. Country Rap News covered the first single "Soul On Fire" here. The newest single, "Good Die Young" dropped this week exclusively in an article for Flaunt Magazine. The following day, it was released on YouTube.

With the notice of two singles released, we have been watching and waiting for the announcement of a new album. Well, it's here and the title is already enticing. The album "Troubadour of Troubled Souls" is set to drop everywhere April 9th.

The title to the album probably couldn't describe anyone better than it does Struggle Jennings. A troubadour is a poet who writes lyrics to music. His lyrics always call out to those who are troubled. He uses his past to help invoke change, self growth, and spiritual revival.

The newest single, "Good Die Young " reiterates the message by saying "This is the tale of the hopeless. I am the poet of the broken. Never truer words spoken by a sole soul."

In the beginning, the video shows a quote by Struggle. It's a quote that many of us can relate to.

"To find the best in me I had to find the worst in me… To live I had to first die… and be reborn.. Apotheosis" - Struggle Jennings

Through the music video, you see Struggle digging a hole, alone, on a snowy night. His family comes to unload a body. They leave Struggle to bury the body alone.

The video flashes images of Struggle in an orange jumpsuit, followed by small clips of Struggle as the proud father and husband enjoying a family night.

When the song nears to an end, and the body is covered. Struggle walks alone on a back road. A truck slows down and picks him up. The driver, Yelawolf, asks if Struggle is good because he looks like he buried a body. Struggle says, "You could say that."

In all truth, the video is Struggle's way of saying that he buried the old him with the help of his family. He refused to be that guy anymore. Like the quote said, he had to die so that he could truly live.

After hearing his latest singles, the upcoming album seems to be documentation of Struggle's rebirth and how he is using his music to share the knowledge to the troubled souls that find solace in his music.

For those same people, you will be excited to know, Struggle has released a set of dates for the "Troubadour of Troubled Souls" Tour to go along with the album. Lexy Panterra and Brianna Harness are set to open for Struggle along with other local openers. You can get your General Admission and VIP tickets here.

While you wait for the album drop, go on and pre-order it. Then, give "Good Die Young" a listen, or 5. Yes, it's that good.

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