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Xilla'Gore Rel-A set his mind on a career in music in 2019, releasing his first single in 2020. As his fan base has grown nationwide, his hustle matches.

We have been watching Xilla for some time now and I have been given the opportunity to talk with him and wife Casey Porter recently. Xilla is already a successful business man, a devoted father and the Ying to Casey's yang. I like to look as these two like the next Tom and Nova, as Casey is filming all of Xilla's concerts and she just started her own company, Ladygxre Productions.

Xilla has been performing with many well-known names within the independent music scene, pretty much from the jump. A man from the country who raps is who he is known for, not what he is known for. There most defiantly is a difference.

In our last article about Xilla, we spoke about what we have observed and it has just gotten better with time, like a sweet bottle of wine. Xilla has done 25 shows just this year alone.

In order to grow, that's what needs to be done sometimes. When we spoke in our interview Xilla wanted to point out a few key things I strive to tell others asking me for advice too.

Xilla has learned along the way as many of us do. He has learned to follow the advice given to him by other musicians that he surrounds himself with. If you want to succeed in this music game, make money first. You will never make money from music out of the gate and to be able to transform a hobby into a career, you have to have Benjamin's in those pockets. Investing in your production costs money. Investing in your tour life, at first, costs mad money. Investing in equipment costs hella fucking money.

Start somewhere with a dream and a team. We spoke about having a team of like-minded people that aren't scared to call you out on your shit. Shout out to Tj Freeq, Drumdummie, Samroc, Notorious Melodies, Trigger 8, Crewsont, Sothern Prospect, Big Buzz, Jawga Boi and Outlaw Nation. If you cannot take constructive criticism is this game, walk the fuck away.

Xilla is a very diverse artist. He finds influence from a multitude of artists in a large array of genres. His biggest influences are Jelly Roll, Struggle Jennings, Yelawolf, Three Six Mafia, Lil Wyte, Sonny Bama, Rittz, Pastor Troy, Bohagon, Scarlxrd, Ghostmane, Goodie Mob, Outkast, Oj Da Juiceman, 2 Chainz, Alexander King, DMX, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Limp Bizkit, Staind, and many more. Because of this, Xilla makes music in genres such as Rock, Rap, and Soul.

You don't know what you will get from Xilla. He doesn't believe in sticking to one genre.

Xilla said, "I make music, period," and that's what his fans love about him.

Xilla has a new single dropping Oct 1st called "To Whom It May Concern", and as always, it will be a masterpiece. Xilla, along with Tj Freeq and Shamu the Panda, just received awards for their collaboration of "Hooptie Drip". Xilla also won an award for Male Lyricist of the Year! Shout out to that grind!

When speaking to these two, Xilla and Casey, I couldn't help but totally understand what they are doing for each other. Free Flow is excited to watch this duo, husband and wife, father and mother, chase those dreams and achieve them, because, let me tell you, they will.


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