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The Slumgeorgian meets the Floridian

Upon arriving at the sound factory, the night of the Seckond Chaynce event, Xilla noticed out the gate that there were more people in attendance than there normally would be on a show night. 10 P.M. rolled around. While doing his meet and greet in the parking lot as he usually does, he saw the crowd grow larger as people continued to show up. Xilla stated that he must have shaken hands with over 100 people, and it was nothing but love.

Getting closer to showtime, Xilla received word that Seckond Chaynce was not going to arrive and be on stage until midnight. His partner 'Something Sacred stepped up and chose to be an accompanied opening act.

Xilla said "Something Sacred always got my back. Thankfully, as an emergency action to help stretch out the opening acts, Shamu the Panda was able to put a show set together last minute cuz he always comes through."

Xilla had already planned to perform with Sacred as usual, but they figured out a great use for the extra time.

"We did everything from punk rock to love songs. The crowd's reaction was golden! Never have I had so much love in my hometown before as we did tonight."

Xilla spent the night autographing dollar bills and t-shirts, taking photos, and connecting with fans old and new. Xilla also performed an unreleased single dedicated to his wife and performed it with her by his side.

"There was so much love in the club that you could literally feel it in the air" Xilla stated when asked about this heartfelt opener.

He also stated that this song will be on featured his new debut album "Baptized by Flames" which is scheduled to be released by the end of 2021.

By the time he got to his last track 'Planet of the Apes', he had turned the club all the way up, and got the crowd hype for the following act and final openers 'Samroc & T.J. Freeq'!

Xilla remained on stage as a hype man for them going crazy alongside everyone and slinging water at bass drops all over the crowd.

Xilla said, "It's always a fun show when the Family performs together!"

Then came the grand finale! SECKOND CHAYNCE and his crew rocked the stage as they always do.

Xilla got to meet Seckond Chaynce for the first time that night and said, "It was a humbling experience that I am very much appreciative of. He had a down to earth personality that reminded me of myself. I told Chaynce 'We all just country folks' and he totally agreed."

Xilla also said he hopes to do some work with him soon, and that they could definitely see each other on the road. All in all, it was a great show and a night to remember!

Xilla ended his interview by stating, "Shout out to my growing fan base, and for all the love! I promise to continue doing music and continuing to give everyone the content that they love."

Article Credits go to Ladygxre Productions

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