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"Prince 2 Kyng", Artist Tra'Kyng Talks Personal Growth and Music

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Boomsound Factory always brings a good story our way. This time, it's one of growth. What happens when a long time song writer decides to become the artist? For Tra’Kyng, a talented R&B song writer, that idea is becoming a reality.

Tra spent most of his childhood in Detroit where he started singing at age 9. At 12, he moved yo New York to live with his grandparents. They seen his talent encouraged his singing by getting him involved in the church choir. His passion only grew from there. After losing his grandparents, Tra’Kyng relocated to Alabama. He graduated from Shelton State College and decided to focus solely on his music career.

Tra’Kyng has since put in a lot of hard work and developed his talent for song writing. He takes inspiration from artists like Neyo, Usher, and Michael Jackson with importance on storytelling. His talent has led him to write for Neyo and Eric Bellinger. He has also had opportunities to open for artists like Fetty Wap. His first Ep, “I Miss You,” totals a boasting 500m streams and his IG account has a 19.9k following. Now he is in a stage of his life where he only wants to present his music with his own sound.

When asked if singing his words was easier than writing for another artist, Tra’Kyng replied,

“I just like words. I am a writer. It’s easy all the way around. But now, it’s like I am reading my own diary out loud. The listener gets to see where I am coming from. I can tell my story instead of giving it to another artist who can’t relate to my story like I can. I want to prove that I can do the same as the others who sing my words.”

He said the pandemic was both a blessing and a curse. It slowed him down and made him focus on who he was and what he wanted out of life. At the time, he was in a relationship and it didn’t end very well. It was an eye opening experience. He realized it was time to put childish things away and man up. That stemmed into some of Tra’Kyng’s best songs. He started on an album called “Prince 2 Kyng.”

“Prince 2 Kyng” is essentially a breakdown of all the experiences he’s gone through in relationships and how it has shaped him into the man he is becoming today. Each story is just another step forward in his evolution. He says,

“It’s telling the stories about all the women I done dealt with. Most people wouldn’t want their stories out there in the public. Not me. It’s part of my life and I put my life in these songs.”

The newest single off the album, “Titles”, has had rave reviews with over 27,000 views on YouTube alone. With the amount of buzz it has received, the song has opened so many doors for Tra. For example, it caught the eye of a few movie producers. “Titles” is now used in a scene of the movie “Dymez” ft. Nikki “Hoopz” Alexander, Demaris Harvey, Ciera Angelia, and Glenn Plummer. That alone is amazing but now producers are asking him to hit up casting calls as an actor.

2022 is going to be another year of growth for Tra’Kyng. He is going to branch out into acting. He will be working on the album with some other singles that are set to release soon. He promises more content for his supporters as well. If you aren’t ready, you better hit that subscribe button and see what’s coming next.

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