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TVM Killa talks Life, Merch collection, and his Valentine's Day Play List

Life has a way of teaching us valuable lessons by bringing us to our lowest points. Through breaking us down, we tend to learn how to build ourselves back up with knowledge and understanding. Artist TVM Killa can attest to this. TVM was never close with his family. For as long as he could remember, it was just him and his mom. With her sudden passing, life seemed to crash down around TVM. The day after his mother passed, he had to move to a new home. Everything had to be moved. He was also responsible for moving everything from his mother’s apartment too. In the meantime, he was busy trying to settle her funeral arrangements. TVM learned that her life insurance had ended the month that she passed. It left him financially responsible for everything. TVM set himself on autopilot and pushed through. It was all he could do at the time. It wasn’t until TVM designed a tote bag for his mother, that a switch flipped for him. He added the tote bag to his merch store. With the creation of the tote, he wrote a letter to his mother in the description. He realized that no matter where he is in life, his mother is still with him. He carried her in his heart forever. He knew at that point that he would go all in for 2022. With everything left in him, he plans to make a spot for himself in the music industry. He wants to open up to the listeners and show them why music is important to him. This realization has made TVM Killa turn up a notch. TVM started his own business, TVMFAM LLC, in order to do his own publishing. He will have full control over everything he touches. He will be directing and scripting all his music videos. His podcast will be video and sound edited by TVM, along with all the promo and social media content. He is really out here doing everything. This includes designing his website and the merch he sells. One really cool thing that TVM is doing for 2022, is releasing dedicated merchandise to coincide with each single he releases. Each piece will be designed by TVM and run on a limited supply. Fans will be able to own a special piece of TVM history.

His newest single “Why?” was released on January 31st. The merch collection was dropped that same day on his website. You can find anything from jewelry to leggings and high top sneakers. It truly has something for everyone.

The song “Why?” is also a prelude to something important to TVM. Each year, TVM currates a Valentine’s Playlist. He says “Why?” sets up his listeners to all his sad boi vibes that will fill his playlist. The playlist is for all the lonely, hopeless romantics out there who need some good music on Vday. If you want to check out the playlist, you will have the chance to check it out live. TVM Killa will be doing his debut DJ set with this year's V Day playlist VIA livestream. It will be hosted in London, UK through Londonhott Radio on February 13th at 1 pm EST/6 pm U.K. He wanted to give a special thanks to DJ SIN from London Hott radio & Boomsound Factory for making it all possible. Make sure you are caught up with everything TVM has in store for listeners by checking out his social media accounts and checking out his merch on his website. You are bound to find something that speaks to you.

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