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TVM Killa Talks Music and Plans for 2022

Boomsound Factory is sitting on a wealth of talented artists. The artists they send our way never cease to amaze me. Aaron Brown, better known by his stage name TVM Killa, is no exception. TVM Killa has been involved in some form of music since 6th grade. He started playing trombone in his highschool band. That led to playing every brass instrument that was offered to him. Soon, band led to chorus classes. He quit the classes at first because he didn't feel confident in his voice. He tried again, and learned that he sounded better solo.

Back in band class, he met Jon. Jon was a drummer in the band. He quickly became best friends with Jon. Jon pushed TVM to pursue his desire in music. Together, TVM and Jon released their first mixtape. Jon wasn't scared to share who he was in his music. He encouraged TVM to do the same. Once TVM got over that, nothing slowed him down. Both men are still close today. Jon owns a printing business and handles all of TVM's merch. After highschool, TVM went to college on a music scholarship. It wasn't all it was cracked up to be. He quickly learned the rockstar life was calling him. He dropped out of college and started pushing his music more. In that time, he also wrote a book called "The Stories Time Will Tell Us." The novel is actually how he gained his stage name. There is a character in the book whose name starts wit V. The character's nickname was "The V Master." He felt the character was an extension of himself, and TVM was born. His first album featured a song called "Legacy" ft. DJ Young Will. It was produced by Padillon. Padillon led to a big following in the UK. That following, and a lot of campaign work with Boomsound Factory, has caused large streams for his music. Especially the YouTube videos for the songs "Party Girls" and "Hellalit". In the new year, TVM is going to up his YouTube content for the TVM Fam. The release of his next album is expected to drop in the first quarter of 2022. More music means more videos. He is excited to release "Preach: The Deluxe Album" and let the world hear everything he has been working on.

TVM Killa is pushing hard in 2022. As soon as the deluxe album drops, he will be working on the next one. He will also be hosting a podcast. TVM Killa is putting in the work, while doing what he is passionate about, and it shows. Be ready! In 2022, he's bound to make a boom!

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