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Wade B released 'Don't Come Around' Lyrics Provided

Wade B has been in the industry for a long time. He grew up hunting, fishing, and playing outdoors as the woods were his neighbors. This song represents the fact that they don't make 'em like him anymore. Country boys stick to their core values and give respect as it's given.

Wade B has made a respectable name in the industry and it shows. Country Rap News sat down and had an interview with Wade, be on the lookout for that! We aren't fans, we are family!

Below are the lyrics provided by Wade B along with the video! Check it out!!


I don’t know what ya heard about me. But they don’t make em like me no more. I’m one of one. Just chasin money showin love So if you hear em talkin bout me

It’s cuz they can’t come around no more

I don’t know what they thought it was But watch me leave em in the dust

**Verse 1

Yea I leave them lames where I met em

I pinky promise dog I don’t stress and I don’t sweat em

I crank up forget em while I’m headed to a bag

You can smell it on me homie I don’t even gotta brag (nah) Cuz I’m the definition of it

I feel it in the love from my people out in public

They run up on me huggin and tellin me that they love me

yea they treat me like a brother or maybe their favorite cousin

That ain’t a fan that’s family And they’re the only ones I feel that truly understand me

So I don’t need a Grammy cuz I’m winning real-life

And if you’re planning how to play me I suggest you think twice

**verse 2

Ya see it really is simple

Just keep it thorough wit me I’ll come meet ya in the middle

I’m watching money triple

while I write to instrumentals

Now I’m feeling like Mike at the buzzer no whistle

I know I’m gonna make it

And ain’t nobody ever gave me shit

I had to take it

I’m never thinking basic

I gotta do it big Women sendin pics naked I don’t respond to shit (Oh no) Cause I ain’t got the time

I’ll lay her down later dog

it’s money on my mind

I’m married to the grind til I see them white lights

And remember if they hatin then you doin sumn right


I know they hatin on me

Because I’m what they wanna be

nah nah

They wanna get like me

I guess they think this shit came free oh nah

They wanna get like me

nah nah

They wanna be like me

oh nah

I hear em talkin down

But they don’t come around

Yea they don’t come around me no more (3x)

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