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Welcome to the Bourbon Show

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Franklin Embry and Dem Bourbon Boyz have been putting in work for a long minute. Franklin, himself, has been working in the music industry for quite a while.

Photo taken by Amanda Spears

Young Franklin was raised on a cattle farm near Owensboro, Kentucky. Franklin lost his sister at a young age. After some behavioral issues due to the loss, his parents removed him from his local school and enrolled him in a school in the city. There, he was introduced to rap music.

Music was the only thing that really clicked with him. Regular jobs never really worked for him because never really liked having a boss. Music became the one thing that centered him. When he is creating, Franklin is the calmest.

He never saw himself as a rapper. At the time, there weren’t many lanes for country boys to rap. He applied his love of music and became a producer and studio engineer. He also DJed.

It wasn’t until Colt Ford and Big Smo came into the spotlight, that Franklin thought he could rap about things he knew. The skill set that he brought to the table as a studio engineer really helped Franklin become an artist.

Now, Franklin performs with his group, Dem Bourbon Boyz. The group consists of him, Drunky (A.K.A. Cristopher Ryan Shown), DJ KGee. They rep the bourbon culture of Kentucky in full force. He also is part of a duo called Trillbillies. Trillbillies consists of Franklin and Camo Collins. You can expect quite a bit of music from Franklin Embry and Dem Bourbon Boyz, as well as Trillbillies in the coming year.

Franklin and Drunky also do a podcast-style live feed pretty often. They drink some good ol’ Kentucky bourbon and tell some pretty hilarious stories. At the beginning, Franklin generally says, “Welcome to the Sh!t Show”. It has become a tagline for their live feeds.

Franklin is known for his sentimental songs, but he is also known for some fun drinking songs. The tagline gave Embry an idea for another wild party song.

Franklin reached out to his friend, Shamu of DrumDummie, and they discussed a beat for a song. Shamu hit him back with a fire beat and a catchy hook. After Franklin heard it, the song, “Welcome to the Sh!t Show” was on, then.

Franklin got Drunky to hop on the song. This song will be the first song that Dem Bourbon Boys are together on a track. TJ Freeq also jumped on it, too. With those four, a banger was in the works. Before long, they were in Georgia having a wild time and recording a video to fit with the song. The video really brought that party feel to the song in true house party style.

Prior to the release, the four artists marketed the song hard on Tiktok with hilarious videos. Tiktok doesn’t restrict the algorithm for musicians, so, they could interact more freely with fans. They knew that the song would get blackballed by other social media accounts. Sure enough, as soon as Franklin tried to place an ad Facebook, Facebook would not allow the song to be promoted. Franklin made a Tiktok video saying everything needed to be done organically.

Another reason for marketing on Tiktok was to have fun with fans. They want the fans to make videos showing their own Sh!t Show using the sound. They have been running a contest to see who has the best sh!t show video on tiktok. So, what do you got? Pop on over and share your sh!t show with everyone.

After that, find the song streaming everywhere. Make sure you subscribe to Franklin Embry and Dem Bourbon Boyz and Trillbillies so you won’t miss any new music or live feeds from Franklin.

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