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You dont have to like them, but respect what they are doing!

Bobby Naklicki, owner of Redneck Nation, and Bottleneck were live on Facebook last night for the first time in the new studio. They were chopping it up about a few things going on in the Country Rap genre. Bottleneck also talked about his new album dropping and the videos that are coming up. Both gave some great advice on what's being seen within the genre. A few comparisons made a lot of sense.

While they were in this conversation, Bobby offered a few good pieces of advice; "These young artists have worked hard and made sacrifices. When others weren't focused and out partying, they were grinding. They all have a right to feel proud and post about it. If these little guys are out there on the charts, then people are buying." He also said, "You don't have to like a person's music. You don't have to enjoy it but you do have to respect them for doing what record labels do. They are out here making professional videos, employing the right people to make the cover art and mastering each song with one tenth of money labels use." Remember, when you make the decision to buy the actual hard copy as opposed to streaming the album, money often goes right back into the music.

An example Bobby gave (of streaming music verses actual hard copies) was when Macklemore came out with his first 4 videos. They were all made independently and they all skyrocketed fast. These record labels lost the strong hold they once held over artists. This in turn made labels have to think about how to get a piece of the cherry on top again. Record labels then signed deals with streaming companies giving 20% of a penny per stream.

Bottleneck said it was a struggle to put out his upcoming album, " Where have the rebels gone" in 2020. He felt 2021 was better. When asked about the name of the album and what it means, he said it's a question that hasn't been spoken about. The Country Rap genre has no rebels, but followers. There aren't many out here doing actual rebel shit. He also said that if you are a rebel, you get pushed out. A rebel doesn't follow suit, although they are deserving of the credit.

There are songs on the album that pertain to the people who have made Country music look like fashion week in Paris and people who don't love country music. There was a time when rebels used to be celebrated and all were proud to be one. Bobby said that they are trying to get rid of country music's roots meaning to eradicate its history and turn it into some weird version of what it used to be.

Bottleneck gave some great advice as well. He said, "How mean do you have to be to shit on another artist out here doing their thing, and the struggle that comes with putting yourself out there?"

Tyler Garrett is on the title track to the album "Where have the rebels gone?" A few days ago Bottleneck released, "Still Ridin." Next Tuesday he will be releasing "On my own," and the Tuesday following will bring the release of "Rowdy". Go to to purchase the hard copy. You can also visit to support many independent artists.

Video's courtesy of Facebook Live

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