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12 Jawga Boyz Facts

  1. The Jawga Boyz are based out of Athens, Georgia and they were formed in 2003.

  2. The founder of the Jawga Boyz is D Thrash.

  3. On their YouTube, they have over 50 million views!

  4. A few of their fan favorites are “Ridin High,” “Mudjug (Dip in My Lip),” and “Rollin Like a Redneck.”

  5. “Ridin High” is the song that really got the Jawga Boyz to take off in the industry with Bottleneck and Young Gunner.

  6. The music videos to “Ridin High,” alone have 59 million views, and “Chillin In The Backwoods,” alone has 48 million views. The rest are around the 10 million views count.

  7. According to their Instagram Bio they have over half a billion streams.

  8. The Jawga Boyz wanted to separate themselves from their competition. So, they refer to their music as “kuntry.”

  9. Jawga Boyz are part of the D. Thrash Productions.

  10. Currently, Jawga Boyz have six albums out. Their most recent one was released in 2018.

  11. In the album “Tailgate Music,” Dez and D. Thrash mentioned that they enjoyed writing and producing the song “Windshield.” Dez also mentioned he wrote this song while he was driving.

  12. D Thrash was featured in a song with Joe Diffie that was released in 2013. D Thrash thought it was a joke at first, but it was real. They both worked well together to create the song “Girl Ridin’ Shotgun."

  13. A few of the artists that Jawga Boyz were inspired by are Garth Brooks, Bubba Sparxxx, and Rehab to name a few.



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