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What Makes Big Po Different?

Keith 'Big Po' Powell is raising the bar for the country rap biz. Powell's music is a mix of country, rap, blues, rock, hip hop, and a little bit of spice or as he would call it, Luziana Hot Sauce.

Big Po dabbled in music in high school and actually released an album when he was just 18 years old. After falling into the pit of addiction, like a lot of musicians do, it took a horrible accident in October of 2008 for him to come back to his roots and find himself again. Not only did he have to learn how to walk again, but he also had to learn how to live a life free from what lead him to self-destruction. It wasn't until he had that realization, that he took a stand and walked away from the realms of addiction completely. This is why many of Po's followers can relate and flock to him for advice on how to step away or start a journey into music, after recovery. Is this why Big Po is different?

Big Po's first well-known album, 'God's Country', was released in 2015 and featured the album titled song, 'God's country' which became very popular as Po spoke about keeping it real, and how he was raised in the sticks and wanted to show how Gods light was shining down just like the sun. Big Po seemed to have a little more twang in his music, which help explain just how much more passionate he became about his music after his recovery. You can most definitely hear the sounds of that Louisiana bayou, where Big Po was born and raised. Will he ever stop representing where he comes from?

Big Po's second album, 'Gumbo Soul', was released in 2018. If the title doesn't give it away, his homegrown recipe when creating this album can be heard throughout each track. His second album title track, 'Gumbo Soul' has the perfect mixture everything from Rock and Roll to Southern soul.

Despite all his trials and tribulations, Big Po never let anything stand in his way once his mindset was clear and on full throttle. Some up and coming Country Rappers have noticed his drive and will to succeed and are now looking to Po for advice, perspective, and opportunity. Big Po has proven to be one you can rely on for more than just music. Pofolks, as stated in our previous article written about him, is a family of good-hearted, music-loving, mud wearing, beer sippin' men and women who are willing to give people that first or second chance they need to boost their confidence and career. This is exactly how Big Po has raised the bar in Country Rap. Shout out to Big Po' for inspiring all Pofolks to keep reaching for the top. You're truly an inspiration.

So what makes Big Po different, to you?

-Kelsey Leigh

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