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Brodnax Is Never Slowing Down

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Just two weeks ago Brodnax came out with a remix to Ryan Upchurch's 'YZ' and rightfully called it 'OG'. Not only did he bring the heat with his perfectly calibrated bars, he told the fans at the beginning of the song that he did this remix out of love and respect for Upchurch for all the things he has done for the Country Rap genre. I don't think there is a single person that wouldn't agree with Brodnax on that one.

Ryan saw the remix and told Brodnax he did an awesome job it and that he really liked it!

Today, Brodnax dropped the video for the song, 'Ghenghis John'. It's another banger with bars that speak the truth that is Mr. John Brodnax. The bar that got me head bobbin' was, "Bitch, I've been good to the game. And they gonna remember the name. I am my own man and I do my own shit. Why the fuck would I ever go follow a lane".

I have a good feeling that 2021 will be filled with good vibes and that raw honesty that comes when Brodnax puts pen to paper. 'Real ain't even really real no more, they are lying and put it on God."

-Kelsey Leigh

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