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Brodnax "Sweet Redemption"

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

John Brodnax was born and raised in West Monroe, LA and had, as he describes, a very good home life with loving parents. It was who or what John was later in his teens looking for where he found himself running the streets.

Mr. Brodnax has been hustling for his career since Cd's were one of the main source's of word of mouth in the 90's and the trunk was an office on wheels. The dedication that goes into handing out CDs on 2nd Avenue in Nashville now has since been replaced with high speed instant access anywhere.

John's career didn't just take off, he's been around for 20 years, grinding and making connections within the industry. John went all in for his career at one point in his life and quickly realized that without any financial backing or money in his pocket he wasn't going to be able to accomplish the goals he had set out to accomplish without that green.

He went back to working full time and established a well known remodeling business and raised his kids while still writing and making music. Music is a spiritual release for Brodnax. He couldn't fully let go and we are thankful he didn't!

Brodnax came to be signed by Hustle Hard Records, owned by Adam Calhoun on April 13, 2020.

As an old school, humble and very intelligent man I listened to what John shared with me. My interpretation of what he shared was this, coming together and creating music should be how many treat this industry instead of beefing and holding yourself back from creating banger's together. Unfortunately, this isn't how some artist's roll but should be how the men and women of this industry should move.

We need more unity. More of our people empowering eachother. The world's full of disappointments, failures and lost hope. I hope to see the old school ways of coming together as a whole and creating masterpiece's come back to life. Them old school tunes have something positive about them that inspires and that's what we need.

John's love for music came from his love of the song La Bamba, which he said he knew every word verbatim by age five. In 1987, the movie La Bamba came out depicting the life of Richie Valens, which in turn became John's favorite movie, especially when he found out it was about the life of the man who sang his favorite song. Who would have thought that an authentic Spanish song would be the light that lit the fuse that paved the way to Mr. John Brodnax's creation?

During our interview, Brodnax told me he thought his life making music was slowing and he was happy to become a mentor to the local youth in West Monroe. The amazing feeling he has knowing he has more than just a few years left to create music and form creative contacts is priceless.

Brodnax dropped Jason Williams in November and it not only speaks on his work ethic but the vibe is true to who Brodnax is.

2021 is the year to watch Brodnax dominate the Country Rap scene. In his words he's making sure he puts out music generalized in the Country Rap genre as opposed to stepping out and creating something from another genre. I know I'll be waiting for that message from John telling me to be on the look out for a release and a heads up on when it drops! Thanks to an OG of the game we have some great music to look forward to.

-Kelsey Leigh

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