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Carly Rogers "One of Nashville's Treasures"

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

If there is someone to look out for in the Country Rap scene it's Carly Rogers . This blonde bombshell just recently graduated Belmont University and headlined her first ticketed show ever! A huge milestone in her career.

Carly, a small town Vermont native, has made her way through Nashville's neon lights, paving her way to hit songs like 'Cowboy' with Ryan Upchurch. 'Cowboy' sits at a pretty little 1.3 million views on Youtube. Carly also grabbed herself a billboard award for the number one album Every Lasting Country with Ryan Upchurch. Ryan isn't the only artist to collaborate with Carly. Album Dos released by Leroy Biggs features Carly on the song 10-41.

Carly has definitely proven to be a woman on the rise of her career. With women being far and few between in this industry, I'm proud to have a women like Carly making a name for herself. Looking into 2021 and the shows she is scheduled to perform at, there is just no stopping her! I also wouldn't be opposed to do an interview with Carly. So look out for that! I might just make it happen!

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