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City Chief - How It All Started

28 year old Jimmy Myrick, professinally known as City Chief, has been making music since he was a kid. Born in Alabama, but raised in Mississippi, City Chief started playing guitar at the age of 6, all thanks to his father that taught him how to play. That was just the beginning of his music making abilities.

At age 15, he started rapping with his brother, and then at 16 he started making his own beats, and has been doing it ever since.

Musical influences in hip-hop early on were those such as, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Twister, T.I., Lil Flip, and Pimp C. Biggest influence in producing is Big Krit from Mississippi. City Chief really liked Big Krits style, so he tried to mimic that.

In 2016 City Chief Learned about country rap, and started learning how to put his guitar into rap beats. Some of the first country rappers that City Chief listened to were artists such as Charlie Farlie, and Hard Target.

The first country rapper that he sold a beat to was Big Po, and soon after, he met Mike Manic. This led him to move to Texas where he was making beats, and producing for Mike Manic's artists.

In 2018, City Chief signed with the Manic Life family. While in Texas working with Mike Manic, he got a call from Scattered Brains, wanting City Chief to play guitar on the Waylon and Willie 3 album for Jelly Roll and Struggle Jennings, which led him to also play guitar on the Widows Son album for Struggle Jennings.

After Finishing work with Struggle, he did work with artists such as Hard Target, Charlie Farley, The Lacs, and Overtime. These were all artists that he worked with on the production side, but he has also did shows, and hung out with artists such as Jelly Roll, Lil Wyte, Hurricane Chris, 36 mafia, Lil Boosie, and many more.

City Chief told me during our interview, that he has hung out with so many artists that he couldn't even name them all.

He truly loves what he does, and it shows. He was no doubt blessed with a talent, and I'm looking forward to seeing this guy go far in his career!

- Felicia Beavers

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