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Country Rapper “OG Caden” Shoots a man in apparent Road Rage

Updated: Jul 8

Country Rap News: Road Rage Incident Leads to Arrest of Country Rapper “OG Caden” in Laurel County**

**LAUREL COUNTY, Ky.** – A shocking road rage incident on Saturday resulted in the arrest of a prominent country rapper.

The altercation occurred off East Laurel Road, about six miles east of London, Kentucky. Authorities arriving at the scene discovered the aftermath of a violent dispute.

Jayden Jackson, 21, of London, was found with two gunshot wounds to his torso. Emergency responders transported Jackson to St. Joseph Hospital in London, and due to the severity of his injuries, he was later airlifted to UK Hospital for further treatment.

Joseph C. Brewer, 21, known in the country rap scene as "OG Caden of London," was identified as the shooter. Brewer was promptly arrested and charged with first-degree assault. He is currently being held at the Laurel County Detention Center with no bond set.

OG Caden has gained attention for his freestyles on TikTok and his involvement in the country rap scene with tracks like “Rockstar” featuring Franklin Embry and “FAFO Remix” featuring Bryan Martin, Charley Farley and Austin Tolliver. However, this incident has cast a dark shadow over his reputation, sending shockwaves through both the local community and the music scene. As the investigation continues, fans and residents are left grappling with the violent events that led to this confrontation.

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