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Danny Cruz, A New Hampshire Native, breaks into the Music Industry

When Danny Cruz was brought to Free Flow, I wasn't aware that he was from the same state I am. Just a short drive to the city of Manchester is where Danny Cruz can be found. Living his whole life in New Hampshire, his vibe isn't like any y'all have seen, and that's facts.

Danny and I chopped it up for a good hour and I learned that life is most definitely different for this country girl and Danny the city man.

Danny was encouraged by both his parents to get into music. The story he told me was about his school days. He said he used to go slang some greenery during the day to make money for himself and his mom, but when the school would call his mom, he was just a few blocks away. He would show up like, "Umm nope I've been here."

We laughed pretty hard when he was reminiscing. We also talked about how the streets have changed him, how losing friends and gaining family have made a humble man turn arrogant. The definition of arrogant is: "having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities". Danny knows who he is and what he is capable of and he's a vibe that's fit to fly.

There have been a few times where dreams were cast on the 25 yr. old man that didn't pan out due to others not fully giving Danny his ability to be creative, which is important to him. You can't take away from a man who knows his worth and where he sees himself in 5 years. When I asked Danny where he saw himself, he didn't really have an answer too extravagant. His answer was simple, he wants to eat, get out of the streets and to support his family.

Danny has studied battles over and over. It's a passion of his that showed when speaking to him. He excels in battle rap, which takes a lot of improv and talent when put on a spot in front of a crowd of people scrutinizing your every bar.

Times may change but Danny hasn't. He has always stuck with the fact nobody is changing him. He knows he will grow and he will succeed. Given the right people on which I wholeheartedly believe he has found in BSF as well as being an artist at Nothing to Something, looking to launch his own solo brand called "Entity", he is on his way to making New Hampshire a force to be reckoned with and representing the 603 proudly.

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