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How’s Ya Mom ‘n’ ‘em?

Big Chuk has been giving us some good music for over half of a decade now. His depiction of country life, in its rawest forms, have always put Big Chuk’s music on a different level.

Growing up in Arkansas instilled strong country roots in Big Chuk. It wasn’t all mud trucks and parties in the sticks. It was more than that. It was a way of life. Fishing and hunting were a form of feeding your family, not just trophies to hang on the wall.

In the lyrics of "Country Boy Style", when he said, “I was born in the sticks. Home of chiggers and ticks. Average poor folk, man. No dreams of gettin’ rich,” he was speaking from experience.

Most of Big Chuk’s fans know him by his signature phrase “How’s ya mom ‘n’ ‘em?”. That is just another little glimpse into his country roots and his sense of humor. The country slang phrase is local to his area, along with other places in the south. He playfully added it to a song and others really dug the line. Since then, it’s become his tag line.

When Big Chuk started pouring his country roots into his rap music, people weren’t taking country rap seriously. Most people had an exaggerated perception of what country rap was. Like other early country rap artists, he wanted others to see his country authenticity in his music.

Chuk released the single “Country Boy Style”. It got a lot of good feedback. In 2014, he released his first full studio album, “Gravel Road”. Later that year, he released an EP with Moccasin Creek called “Fresh Batch”. Both albums really set Big Chuk’s music career into motion. Since then, he has worked with a lot of talented people. Names like, the talented guys, Dammit Boy Entertainment, Paul Wall, Big Po, Apalachee Don, and many more.

Over the years, Big Chuk has had to put music on the back burner for different reasons. One of the main reasons being that Big Chuk puts his family above all things. It’s evident in his single “Song For My Daughter”. The heartfelt song is packed full of wisdom and wishes for his daughters in the future.

The past few years Big Chuk spent working his way up the ladder as a car salesman. Everything he puts his mind to, he excels in. Working as a car salesman has helped him and his family prepare for the next stage in life. There are some big things planned for 2021.

The first thing that we can expect from Big Chuk is new music. This year, you will hear a full album, along with 4 videos. The album, titled “Born In It”, is a nod to where he comes from, and to his father, who also played music.

When asked about the name of the album, he said, “It’s just sayin’ I was born in it; not sworn in it. Ya know, like, this country shit isn’t something I have acquired because it’s cool. It’s something I was born in".

If you are a fan of Big Chuk, the title “Born In It” may ring a bell. 2 years ago, Big Chuk released a video on YouTube showing some of his daily life. In the video, he picks on a guitar and sings a song.

The chorus to the song says, “I was born in it, not sworn in it.” The description in the video describes the song as a swampy outlaw tune. If this song is a hint at what the album will be like, be prepared to expect some really good music. With producers working with him like Eddie Robinson, City Chief, Bobby Briscoe, and Shamu of DrumDummie, you can bet that the good music will be fire hot when the album drops.

The next thing you can expect from Big Chuk in 2021 is seeing more of his family life on YouTube. A short time ago, his family released a seafood mukbang video on his channel. For those who don’t know what a mukbang is, it is Korean phrase that means eating broadcast. People eat while conversing with the audience.

It was nice to see the family side of Big Chuk and his wife and children. It was like setting down with the family at supper time. A couple days later, Big Chuk released a promo on his channel for his wife’s new YouTube Channel Golden Gurl. The channel will be full of good food and good conversation with Big Chuk’s family.

Lastly, 2021 will see the return of Big Chuk’s Podcast, “The Dirty Word”. If you caught Big Chuk’s entry for the 16 Bar Challenge for the Facebook group “Who’s Got Bars”, he spits some lyrical fire. At the end, he says, “Dirty Word comin’ soon".

“The Dirty Word” was a country rap podcast hosted by Big Chuk that premiered on Facebook in 2018. It frequently featured Big Po and Junebug as co-hosts. In their peak, they had over 80k followers. Posts were reaching 1.8 million people and receiving over 450k post engagements. That was all organic. Those are huge numbers for a country rap podcast.

Due to some issues with Facebook as a platform, Big Chuk stopped making the podcast. After stepping back, looking at different platforms, and adjusting strategies, Big Chuk has revamped the idea and will be coming back full force. In preparation for the release, Big Chuk released a Ryan Upchurch interview from the podcast. It’s an awesome conversation full of some interesting things you may not know.

2021 is set to be a year chalked full of content from Big Chuk. He says in his 16 Bar Challenge that he’s coming back out of retirement. It seems like he isn’t only coming out of retirement, but he's putting in a lot of overtime, too. After his hiatus, we’re sure he’ll be ready to ask, “How’s ya mom ‘n’ ‘em?”

-Ashley Davis

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