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"Hustle On Lock"

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Country rap is always growing with fresh faces and evolving with new music. What was once a male dominant genre, is now seeing an uptick in talented female artists. One of these talented females recently took the genre by storm.

In the summer of 2020 Savannah Dexter, the 24 year old southern belle, popped up on everyone’s radar out of nowhere. Quickly, she became the buzz of country rap. Signed by Mako Music Group, Savannah had a great promotion team behind her that elevated her success.

Brabo Gator, an artist and a partner of the Mako Music Group, found Dexter and knew she had the it factor. Brabo is a veteran of country rap; coming up with guys like Jelly Roll, Alexander King, and Struggle Jennings. He knew the ins and outs of the indie music business. He used that knowledge to help Savannah gain a name for herself.

With Brabo’s tutelage and Savannah’s talent, they began dropping songs and music videos that rocked their fans. She quickly displayed her diversity with her abilities to both sing and rap. Songs like Sinderella, I Remember Everything, Raise hell, and Can’t Ever Could featuring Jelly Roll, shows a girl with a story to tell.

These songs showcase her ability to sing and gave fans something to relate to based on true events of her life. Other songs like Big Trucks, featuring Demun Jones, Dusty Leigh and Adam Calhoun, flowed out as bangers. The up beat tempos and fun lyrics gave the fans the summer time field party bangers that people love.

Out of the 8 songs that Savannah has released, 5 have been collabs with other artists. With names on tracks like Adam Calhoun, Demun Jones, Brabo Gator, Dusty Leigh and Jelly Roll, fans knew that Savannah wasn’t playing around. She pulled in the hottest names in the underground and pulled out music that fans would love.

3 of Savannah’s songs feature Adam Calhoun. Savannah and Adam just seem to click. She even managed to get Adam out of his comfort zone and try something new. In the song called Just Hold On, fans seen a softer side to the rough-and-tumble Adam Calhoun. The sing song vocals and endearing lyrics had fans swooning and expecting more from Adam.

Following the huge success of her music releases, in which most of her videos trended on YouTube, Mako Music Group set up a tour for her in her home state of Florida for December 2020. Though it was a small tour, it was packed full of talent. Joining her on tour was fellow country rap artists Demun Jones, Dusty Leigh, and FJ Outlaw, who is also newly signed to Mako Music Group. There have been hints that FJ and Savannah have a song in the works. Fans will have to wait and see.

With everything that Savannah and Mako Music Group have brought to the table in 2020, fans can bet that there are greater things to come from Savannah. The girl has her hustle on lock!

- Ashley Davis

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