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Jelly Roll "That Sh*** corny AF"

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

With recent events between a few artists fresh on everyone's mind, Jelly Roll took to Instagram talking about "Beef". He had a lot to say about diss tracks that others need to hear. You know, the internet going back and forth about “he said, she said, they said” and then writing songs about each other. As Jelly said, it’s about as corny as you can get. Real beef has lead many to an early grave. Pride and your ego can stand in the way of your judgment and well...eff up your life.

Why is beef a culture that sells? It seems to be what gets the most buzz. Have we came to the point that negative energy is what people crave the most? Why isn't being humble and kind the part that sells?

Music can be made to have so many effects on individuals. From the struggling drug addict to the life made sober adult. From the person battling depression to someone who has found the bliss of a first love. It’s those soul-shaking “how did these words not come from my own mouth” songs that are played through these speakers, that can mean life or death for someone. Jelly Roll calls it therapeutic music for a reason.

So why beef? Why have an effect on people that could be so negative? There has been more than just Jelly Roll to chime in on why it's just not something you should do when you have such power. Not power like people worship you, but the kind of power to do good. Your life that you once lived, those drug-dealing days of being that grizzly bear, isn't just the life Jelly lived. Many of us have. Many of us made it out and just wanna see everyone around us succeed. There’s enough room at the table for everyone to set down and eat.

Jelly Roll is considered one of the elders in this genre for a reason. An elder is someone who came before you and learned wise lessons the hard way. They carry vast storage of knowledge that they share with those around them. His role as rap’s teddy bear is because he‘s seen real violence, real turmoil, real life, and managed to overcome humbly. He’s been in the music industry long enough while remaining very candid with his fans through it all. He sang about street life and facing adversity in his younger years. Now he sings about love, loss, and facing addiction. His growth as a human is evident in his music. His call for other musicians to spread love, and putting egos aside, shouldn’t be lost on deaf ears.

The moral of the story, empower someone else. Be happy for those who have achieved things they share. Help your fellow man. Be a good person. Don't let pride, wealth, and the words of others dictate how you live yours. #Stopthebeef

-Kelsey Leigh

-Ashely Davis

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