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Legacy Adams unveils "Voice of the Slums" album with Show and Prove Entertainment!

In 2023, Legacy signed with Show and Prove Entertainment. The Label consists of Legacy, Chad Armes, Leroy Biggs, O.N.E., TwakDude, Tinnman, Chucky Velvet, And Squints. “Voice of the Slums” is Legacy's first album release under the label. It debuted at #9 on the hip-hop/rap charts. While not sure of its rank among all genres, at one point, it was #139 in the top 200 for all albums across genres.

The entire album is produced by a German producer named Tellingbeatzz. Legacy began rapping at an early age, around 12, and started taking it more seriously around 20. Legacy struggled with periods of incarceration, hindering any momentum as an artist. Though releasing multiple singles over the years, this is Legacy's first album since "Moment of Truth," ten years ago.

This album is meant to be the story of a broken person haunted by their past. A poetic story of hardship and failures, being the voice of the voiceless for many who have walked down similar paths.

In the wake of Jelly Roll and his huge success over the last year, we have seen more and more artists blurring the lines between genres, freeing up creativity, fusing sounds, and melody. This trend is giving rise to artists like Legacy Adams, who masterfully mixes southern rock and country rap, revealing a gritty attitude and a never-quit mantra. Thus emerges Legacy's new album, “Voice of the Slums.”

Legacy’s “Voice of the Slums” serves as a ballad of resilience for those struggling to survive in a world of backstabbing, hate, and torment. The first track, “Stronger,” sets the tone for the album right from the opening homage: “People of the slums, we are not defined by the grit beneath our feet, but by the fire in our hearts. We rise against adversity, forging our destinies, turning struggle into strength. Let our scars be the badges of our courage. It’s not where we come from, but where we are headed, together, proving that from these very streets, we can reach the stars. Our battles are daily, our victory inevitable. Stand tall, for we are the architects of our own fate, encouraging repeated listening.”

Then begins the gritty voice, guitar undertones, and the strong female voice of Bae V, seemingly balancing each other between chorus and verse. Legacy delivers powerful verses over the gentle sound of the guitar while Bae brings in the chorus.

The second song on the album, “Black Clouds,” pens a story of oppression and struggles from Legacy's life, resonating with a country vibe that rocks the heart and soul.

“Lullabies” hits home. As an addict in recovery, this country tune manifests intense emotions with hip-hop beats and gut-wrenching verses drawing from personal experiences, resonating with those in recovery.

“Outlaw,” where Tinn Man and Cidal join in, showcases educated lyrics and hard-hitting bars in a verbal exchange against adversity—a resounding welcome that will never give up.

“Something Ain’t Right” serves as a tribute to the late Big Lazy, featuring Chad Armes. This song, dedicated as a memorial, showcases their voice and an encapsulating chorus that sets the tone with intellectual bars that encourage thoughtful perspectives derived from Legacy's point of view. If there's only time for one track, this is the one.

“Rock Bottom” sums up Legacy’s life as they find themselves on their knees before their God, seeking redemption in a powerful classic song.

“Something Ain’t Right” is another track that features Chad Armes and the late Big Lazy, addressing the delicate subject of depression, a struggle many, especially men, go through in silence.

“Void” highlights the struggles of a tormented youth, reflecting Legacy's own struggles with their past and their efforts to help others, emphasizing the importance of not staying alone and alienating oneself from others as darkness consumes. These feelings resonate deeply with many Americans. Legacy's message is that it’s hard to be better, yet they believe it's a call to do just that.

“Venting Pt. 7,” where Legacy lays bare their childhood and the pain they’ve been through, questioning God, painting a picture of life for many out here, petitioning for change. As one listens to this song repeatedly, it takes on a completely different meaning. It's highly recommended to listen to it at least three times to fully understand where Legacy is coming from.

All in all, this album offers a moving, heart-wrenching collection into the life of Legacy and so many others in today's world. One can see why it charted at #9 on the iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap Charts, and one could deduce the reasons behind its success.

Social Media:

- Facebook: Legacy Adams

Wrote by - J.W. Jones

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