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Marcotic, New to the Scene?

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Marcus, “Marcotic”, Staples may be someone new on your musical radar, but he has been in the game for almost 10 years putting in the work.

Staples said from a young age he knew he was going to be involved in music.

While growing up, Staples’ cousins would often play Three 6 Mafia. Those same cousins, when Staples was as young as 5, would play rap music, and he would run around freestyle rapping while they cheered him on. Staples said he thinks they just wanted to hear him cuss.

Staples said his dad played guitar but he never learned how to play. One dream he always had was to become a music engineer.

“I don’t know how to explain it, but literally when I was about 8 years old, on career day at school, I told people I was going to be a rapper,” Staples said. “I am not sure why but I dressed up too. I was young and just decided. I was always surrounded by music and just knew I wanted to do that.”

Staples said a lot of people think his stage name Marcotic is in some way related to narcotics, but it is not.

“My name is Marcus and ‘cotic’ is from the word psychotic so it combined the two of them,” Staples said. “It is my nickname and it is was given to me when I got into the music scene. I have been in it for so long and I was really young when I started and just decided that was what I was going to call myself”.

Staples dropped his first album under his real name and then someone just called him Marcotic one day and it stuck ever since. Staples’ first album is no longer available but there is one single that can still be found if you search.

“My first release was when I was 18 years old and Lil Wyte was even on my first album,” Staples said. “The first show I ever did was with Lil Wyte too”.

Staples said when he first started, being so young, a lot of his music was based off of what he listened to, and at that time it was violent rap music. Today Staples tries to carry a better message in his music. This is evident in his growth.

“I try to make cleaner music and spread a better message,” Staples said. “I started making cleaner music when Rick Coffman, owner of Extreme Muddin’, told me one day he really liked my music, but said, you need to make it a little cleaner so you can have a full set and also be able to perform everywhere. Hick Hop didn’t exist back then, when I started, but the whole genre is different now than it used to be. My music isn’t all clean but I try to reach a broader audience by mixing it with some acoustic songs, guitar music, and more”.

“I record and produce music as well,” Staples said. “I went to Vol State in Gallatin, Tennessee for audio engineering and music industry management”.

Staples said Lil Wyte became a later influence for him as an artist and performer.

“One of the first things I wanted to do was with him,” Staples said speaking of recording with Lil Wyte. “To me, now, if you heard my first album you wouldn’t even recognize me. I was not as good yet, and had not yet perfected my craft. But I took what I could at the time”.

Staples found he and Lil Wyte had some mutual friends, so he reached out through his manager. After speaking with Lil Wyte, Staples realized just how many people they ran with, that they had in common, in the same circles. Most recently in 2020, Staples performed at a pool party with Lil Wyte through Freak Show Entertainment.

Thomas Holmes with Freak Show Entertainment has helped me get a lot of shows and performance times,” Staples said. “He also got me the Haystak feature”.

Staples most recent release was mastered primarily by Yung Bama and Adam ‘DUB3030’ Allsbrooks.

Lyrically wise Staples continues to develop and use his own style, but says he is often compared to the likes of Lil Boosy and Yelawolf.

“All of my songs I have written on my own,” Staples said. “My lyrics change depending on how I am feeling and what I might be going through at that time in my life. Sometimes they are just mood-driven, and a few times it has just been completely random.”

One of Staples‘ most recent releases, ‘Talk to God’, started just with a thought, an idea of what it would be like to talk to God. On his recent album, "Singlewide Certified", it features such fellow artists as Big Po, JJ Hughes, Deazy, Leebo, and more. Staples said to date this is the best album he has put out and the one he put the most into.

Staples desire is to create music full-time.

“I want it to create full-time, but if not as an artist then I want to produce and be an engineer for other artists,” Staples said. “That is my fallback plan.”

One of the influences Staples said he has is in fellow artist Big Po. Big Po also introduced Staples to others in the industry.

“I went to an album reveal party in Indiana for Big Po and I saw so many people rooting for him,” Staples said. “Big Po gets everyone involved and it was just crazy to me that when he was filming that video the whole place was into it. He gets people so engaged. It was really fun. During this show, he even performed the song he did with me on stage and then one with JJ Hughes.”

Staples said that some of his favorite rappers are Rittz and Yelawolf because of the speed at which they rap. Staples said Rittz can rap fast, while still telling a story, which is why he likes to do the same. This seems to set Staples apart from a lot of the other artists in this genre today.

One of Staples biggest songs and videos from his Singlewide album has been a song called ‘Biggest Lie’. Staples said if you actually listen to it, each verse is about a different girl. This has been one of the biggest releases for Staples and has seemed to reach everyone in a different way.

Marcus “Marcotic” Staples’ most recent album release, Singlewide, features 14 songs and is available now on all platforms. More videos are on the way for the songs from the Singlewide album. Staples already has another project lined up that he has been working on and has been recording songs for that. It will be released this year. This album will be called ‘Black and White’ and will be in partnership with Deazy.

Marcotic recently dropped an audio video for one of his newest releases "Chevy Trunk" that was mixed and masterd by DUB3030.

Next set to drop this Friday on Februrary 19th is a new banger "Blow Up" featuring JJ Hughes with a masterful video shot by "City Chief", Jimmy Myrick. Check out Marcotic's YouTube channel Marcotic615 to subscribe or catch the premiere.

Supporters and fans of Marcotic support his ‘Sheet Metal Made’ movement. Staples said sheet metal made comes from living in a trailer park and it has helped build his fanbase for those who come from the same background.

-Jennie Chevalier

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