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Meet Jeremy Donahue aka JD

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Jeremy Donahue, who goes by JD in the country rap scene is making some waves from his Florida home state in more ways than one. He released a banger of a song with Hard Target in 2020 called 'Bad Mothef**cker'; and his plans for 2021 are worth waiting to see.

JD has spent most of his life in Florida with some time spent in Kentucky too. He was raised by a single mom, who was faced with battling her own demons alongside being a mother. Not many people understand what this kind of situation is like. As I have done interviews, I have noticed that the things these artists went through in their childhood have had no direct effect on how they view their parents now. Maybe after battling demons of their own, many had revelations and could look back and forgive but will never forget.

A song came to mind when JD and I were talking. It was 'Runnin my Momma Crazy' by Plies. A verse, that seemed much like his life was, "My momma told me while I run these streets, she can't sleep. Her phone ring late at night, she think something than happened to me. Her nerves so bad right now she can't watch TV. She turn her head every time she see a police. Scared to look cause it might be me in the backseat. Whenever she hear about a shooting her heart skip a beat."

JD was that kid that grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and the life he led wasn't getting him anywhere worthwhile. When he was 14, he told me, he started writing but it was a bunch of BS stuff. After a prison stint for trafficking, he got those shoulders holding up that creative mind just right. At 18, he began taking music seriously and after coming home, JD started a Drywall Company that has, by its own rights, been very successful.

Two Fun Facts; Dusty Leigh Day was his first-ever live concert and his second concert was with Struggle Jennings and Tom McDonald!

It was through these hard times, life had dealt him, that JD started gaining music knowledge, and wasn't so ignorant to the game and its in and outs. 2021, as he stated, will be the year he shows off his newfound intelligence. He has got Katal1st and David Ray in his corner. He is about to break through with some surprise features and an Ep with just himself!

JD who is a husband, a father to two kids that are homeschooled not only has busted his back for what he has now in life but is going to continue to make waves and impress those around him.

Check out JD's latest single, 'Outlaws and Kuntry Boys'

-Kelsey Leigh

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John Radeschi
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