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"Mud to Gold" Album Still Charting

Upchurch's “Mud to Gold” hit #1 in the world in ALL genres, just hours after its release to all platforms. Ryan has a lot of support from his fellow brothers in the industry. Adam Calhoun said, in one of his last Instagram videos of the night, to go grab the album and help support his good friend and brother. Lil Wyte and Jelly Roll both posted first thing this morning on Instagram, giving thanks for being apart of such a dope ass album.

This says a lot About Ryan as an artist. He is not done setting the bar high! "Mud to Gold" has thirteen songs, with a total of 41 minutes of nothing but genius work, done by Stonebaby Sounds and the amazing team behind the scenes. "Mud to Gold" has more of the features that supporters have been wanting more of. Merkules, Lil Wyte, Jelly Roll, and Paul Wall bring out sounds that will be listened to over and over. Ryan has four charting albums right now but we will be following up with that soon!


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